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The 2014 Neterian Conference content includes video contains the main conference lectures by Sebai MAA and Seba Dja from the 2014 Neterian Conference and Festival. ALso included are the Powerpoint presentation slides for easy viewing and detailed study. 

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2014 neterian conference

This special conference is Part 2 and final in a series that started with the 2013 Neterian Conference. The subject of the 2013 Neterian Conference was Ancient Egyptian Mythology and Listening to the Teachings. The subject of the 2014 Neterian Conference is Ritual and Reflection on the teachings and the subject for the 2015 Neterian Conference is Metaphysics and Meditation .

These are the three stages enjoined by Ancient Egyptian Religion and the Sema (Yoga) path of Wisdom employed by the Temple of Aset. This conference series (2013-2014-2015) and these disciplines are important for the avid aspirant who wants to understand and then apply the teaching correctly and effectively to promote positive spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

Ancient Egyptian Religion


Temple of Aset Path of Sema Rech (Yoga of Wisdom)