Month: June 2014

New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -The Principle of Cause and Effect Pt. 1A

Chants: Hetep; Om Amun Ra Ptah; Om Asar Aset Heru; Om Maati Maakheru; Amma Su en Pa Neter; Drumming, Dua Maat and Om Hetep. It is fitting that we did the Maat song just now because as we continue today’s talk, today’s study in the series on the Kybalion, the Seven Hermetic Principles, the teachings of Djehuty, the Lord of… Read more →

Kemetic Life Skills Class series 1 – 2014

Link for audio recording: Listen To Spirituality Internet Radio Stations with Shetaut Neter on BlogTalkRadio Kemetic Life Skills Series Sebai Maa on BlogTalkRadio Class 1 04/26/2014 With this new series Sebai Maa will present practical methods, based on the teachings of Shetaut Neter for living a Kemetic, spiritual life. Many new and old practitioners of the teaching regularly and typically… Read more →