Month: April 2014

New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -Chapter 3: Principle of Vibration

Chapter 3: Principle of Vibration – From The Kybalion “Nothing rests, everything moves; everything vibrates.” “To change your mood or mental state, change your vibration.” “To destroy an undesirable rate of mental vibration, concentrate on the opposite vibration to the one to be suppressed.” The Ancient Egyptian Concept of Vibration Deck or vibration is one of the seven principles of… Read more →

New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -Chapter 2: Principle of Correspondence– Part 2

CONTINUING FROM PART 1 And once again, let’s study the dream. You see, along with our study we study the microcosm and we get the answers. When we are studying dream, this is mystic psychology we are dealing with. When you have a dream, the objects in your dream are reflections of your consciousness, its expressions. You are projecting them… Read more →

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