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And once again, let’s study the dream. You see, along with our study we study the microcosm and we get the answers. When we are studying dream, this is mystic psychology we are dealing with. When you have a dream, the objects in your dream are reflections of your consciousness, its expressions. You are projecting them into your dream world, you are projecting the dream world, your own idea of time and space, and you are projecting the objects in that dream world, and that dream world exists because you give it life and it id composed of your consciousness.

What happens in the dream world? When you have a dream, a friend may come up to you and starts talking to you about something that happened that day. And then in that same dream world, you turn around and you see a car driving by. You turn around again and you see there is your house, you turn around again, there is your mother, you turn around again, there is a chair and there are subtler things that happen in your dream, that you don’t see happening in the physical world. You can see a tiger and some how you know that tiger is coming after you, to eat you.

Or there is a snake, and you run away from the snake you close yourself into this hermetically sealed bubble and you say to yourself, “oh the snake can’t get in here”. But then, all of a sudden, the snake is at your throat. Wild things, unpredictable things, unlikely things and things that defy the rules of the physical world. In any case, this is because, you are creating the reality of your dream world. You can create the reality of your physical world too, if you have the strength and the power to do so. But for that you have to dive deep into the depths of the ocean, to get that power. You can’t do that by sleeping on the surface.

Try doing that on the surface and the waves are going to push you around. That means that the physical world, is going to control you. You won’t have control of your existence in the physical world. You will be caught up in worldly situations, confronted with other people and their desires, ignorance and frailties. You will get caught up with theirs and your own frailties, ignorance and flawed nature. It is a mess! You will not be able to stop and reflect, but rather, you will be led and pushed around by nature. The events that may happen, the events of life that you think you are in control of, you will have no control over those, because you are on the surface.

Again, going back to our study of the dream, we said that the objects in your dream, you are projecting them. For example, if you don’t look like a car in your dream, you don’t look like a tree in your dream, you don’t look like a chair in your dream, etc. you can change them, the color, the texture or just get rid of them, make them disappear. But why dont you? Why do those items abide in your dream and cause you to have a nightmare? All those objects, you are projecting them. All of those things and those images are composed of subtle matter given form by your consciousness. In this metaphor, you are above, and your dream is that which is below. You are projecting that dream world and the objects in it and they are a reflection of your thoughts and desires as well as your self-concept, your idea of yourself. Which means that they are reflections of part of you, part of your potential, your potentiality.

Imagine all of the things you can imagine, then think of all the things God can imagine. How many universes have there ever been? How many universes are there in existence on varied planes of existence right now? Mind boggling. If you can do what you can do with your limited mind imagine what the All Mind can do! So let’s not think of, as above so below, as below so above as an exact carbon copy, this is not what we are talking about. A better way to think of it is that whatever is Created, that is, expressed by consciousness though mind and appearing as the objects of Creation, is actually composed of the Creator and therefore are the same as the Creator; therefore, whatever is below (Creation) is the same as what is above (Creator) but not all of Creation is necessarily all of the Creator. When you create a dream world it is part of you but it is not all of you. It is a piece, a fragment, an idea given form temporarily by your mind and held together for as long as your mental power can sustain it. God’s power to sustain Creation goes for billions of years and then there is a receding of God’s Creation backk into the unformed state and then later a new expression emerges and scientists call that a “big bang.”

Following up on an concept just introduced, ignorant human beings are so strongly caught up in the ego identity that their potential for expression is limited by that ego. In other worlds, you are so caught in your time and space reality that most of you, when you project yourself in your own dream, you project yourself as you are, in your physical world. If you are a male, you project yourself as a male, if you are a female, you project as a female and may use your physical world name and form.

Why should that be? Think about it. You can be anything you want to be in your dream and yet you choose to be this limited personality of the waking state; why do you that? Some of you might have expanded a little bit and you might feel a little oneness with a bird flying around and then see yourself flying, but mostly you are anchored in your physical reality. You can do anything you want to do and yet you are caught by that; why is that? Then you might say, “well Muata, if I start going like that, they will start calling me a schizophrenic, psychotic; they will call me a nut.” You are only called insane, when you project these things, into the physical world. But if you project them into your imagination, or your dream world, there is no harm done. In any case, the real insanity is the limitation since that is not who you are essentially. The continued forced imposition of the limited personality and the lack of spiritual growth, in other words, expansion of mind and discovery of the higher self, is actually the cause of insanity.

When you start believing in the physical plane, that it is abiding and or all there is, then yes, there is the source of the problem. But this is philosophy; so when you start applying metaphysical rules on the physical, there will also be trouble. You may say “Hey, I’m a bird in the astral plane, the dream plane of mind, so I’m going to fly off the building in the physical world and what happens? …splaat!!! That’s a problem. And therefore you must understand the teaching and not become exaggerated with it or apply it in the wrong way in the physical plane. there is an application to the physical plane but that is mostly but not exclusively limited to the physical mind. The physical plane is made gross for the purpose of giving spirit an anchor in time and space. That anchor allows human beings to have extended experiences over a period of time; otherwise there would be chaos because the experiences would be too fluid and an orderly thought process and reflective process would not be possible. Think about it, how many dreams can you have in one night. If we are living in the physical plane, the way we live in the dream world, there would be no basis for consistency, no basis for you to learn and to understand reality, time to workout the mysteries of life. There needs to be a slow enough pace of time and movement of objects such that it allows sufficient time to reflect and experiment with Creation to discover its secrets. But if the space is too slow hen there will be stagnation; so time and space forces life forms to change and move on in an orderly fashion if they are willing or in a painful way if they are not willing, but all must change nevertheless. One way or another the soul moves on through experiences in time and space, to experience worldly pleasure and pain and if they are wise, to discover the source of pleasure and pain so as to alleviate and even eradicate it by discovering their own essential nature that transcends the time and space experiences altogether.

Think about it; if everything was changing every few seconds and we are sitting here, then we are sitting on the beach in Hawaii. Then we are on the moon and then we fly off to Mars. How can we sit here and have a pleasant and reflective conversation for an hour? That’s what the physical plane is for. But remember what we discussed also, if we examine the physical plane, you’re going to realize that it is actually changing just like your dream world, only at a slower pace. Everything changes here. Even though it looks to be the same as it did yesterday, in he same place as last week or in the same condition as last year, actually to some degree, everything is changing, little by little.

If you wait long enough, it changes completely, just like the dream world. And in the Wisdom Text of Merikara, the teachings of Merikara it is told that the Gods and Goddesses live on a different plane of time and to them, one of our years is like a day. They have a different time and space reality that they live in and that is because they live on a different plane of existence. Of course this means that our physical time and space is “relative” and also their time and space reality is also “relative” and therefore illusory. Remember, only eternity is abiding and any version of time and space is only a peace of eternity and therefore not abiding.

The teachings of the Kybalion talk about three main planes of existence and in the Ancient Egyptian system they correspond to Amun, Ra and Ptah. Now the Absolute, Neberdjer, is that from which all comes (Amun, Ra, Ptah) and that is the Divine Self, that is Spirit, that is God and that Spirit projects three main planes or levels of conscious existence in time and space. The physical plane, the mental plane and the spirit plane. Each of those planes have seven sub-planes and therefore your reality, your consciousness can be attuned to any of those planes, but mostly people are attuned to the lowest, the physical plane. Since human beings have all levels within themselves they are actually operating on all planes even if they are not aware of it. So with reflection, maturity, introspection and meditation, they can be discovered consciously and this is called “enlightenment”. Enlightenment is recognizing intrinsically the transcendental mystery of what Creation is and the transcendental essence of who one is, beyond the mortal, time and space reality.

Most people are so ignorant and weak that even though they use their mind, their mind is not more useful to them than the mind of a dog. But dogs have and use rudimentary mind, instinctual mind. He knows when he is hungry, he knows when he is hot, he knows when to drink water, that is rudimentary mind and not intellect so there is limited intelligence. Now we are talking about intellect. That which separates human beings from animals IF the human being develops beyond the animal state of consciousness. That intellect allows a human being to become aware of the different planes and that is what makes a human being different from animals. Otherwise, if a human being does not develop, they remain at the level of animal conscience and are not considered human but only potentially human.

Animals are only aware of their animal physical plane, their egos and their limited personalities in physical time and space. Human beings have the capacity to grow beyond that and transcend, to reach all of the planes, to awaken to a reality beyond the instinctual physical time and space level. If they should transcend and reach higher levels, that goes into the spirit planes and they are different gradations of spirit beings who reside in those planes. This is where the theory or teachings of angels, archangels and demons in Christianity in western culture and the Gods and Goddesses in Ancient Egyptian African religion and all of these kind of things come from. In the African culture, the Kamitan (Ancient Egyptian) culture, it is the understanding of Akhus. Akhu is a glorious spirit being, people who have become enlightened, who have become shining stars. They discover the higher planes of existence where the gods and goddesses reside but also even transcending that, to discover the abiding, absolute transcending all levels of time and space.

The Akhu are people who have reached such power and elevation that they are called Gods and Goddesses and they have an effect on the other planes, on the lower planes and therefore it is said that, the wise ones serve the higher planes and rule the lower. In this way, one operates the laws, instead of being a slave to them. The Kybalion teaching, also says that. These people, all these Gods and Goddesses, these Akhus, spirits, Saints, Sages and so on and so forth, who have slipped off their bodies and who live in the spiritual plane, help assist people on the astral level and on the physical level. This follows exactly with the teaching of the Asarian Resurrection teaching of Ancient Egypt.

Let us recall in the Asarian Resurrection teaching where Asar sends a letter to the court who is judging between Heru and Set. He tells them, “you know, all you Gods and Goddesses, who don’t want to judge this situation rightly; your all going to have to die one day, you are all going to have to come to me, the God of the Dead in the Netherworld, to the Supreme Abode and you if you do not do what is righteous you will suffer at that time. You may think you can get away, to escape your fate; you may have existed for millions of years, but at the end you have to end even your astral existence as gods and goddesses.” This means that everything other than the Self, the Spirit is relative, it is a projection, it is temporal, it is ephemeral, and consequently, it all will come to an end one day.

If you were to start living your life according to this understanding, how will you live your life? That is the Question. What will you do with your life? How would you reflect on the world and your own existence? How would you develop yourself? Would you walk around like everybody else in the dream world, or would you be walking on air? The Kybalion also says that even though the reality of the world is perceived in such a gross manner and even though it is an unreality, even though it is relative, the Kybalion says, quote ‘the court of reason must be hospitably received and treated with respect’.

This is a Kybalion way of saying that, even though we are saying that, even though the world appears to be real to the senses, according to factual scientific evidence and reflection on the mysteries of mind, the wisdom born of those evidences and reflections is higher than the perceptions of the senses and therefore the wisdom must be affirmed over the impressions of the senses. If this is done then one is said to be living by truth; to do otherwise is living in accordance and under the control of the illusion in the mind which believes in the information brought to it by the illusory senses. This is the same thing that the physicists are now saying, that the mysticists have been saying for thousands of years. Even though the practical reality is that matter appears to be solid and abiding, in reality, a car, for instance, is unreal, the car is an illusion, the car is a mental construct. Metal, physical matter, rock, stone, everything you perceive with the senses is illusory. However, from a practical level matter exists in a relative sense and to that extent it is consequential. Even though the physical world is illusory, from a higher level of consciousness, it has practical consequences and therefore to be respected; a car that is speeding along at 60 miles an hour, you don’t get in front of it. Dynamite is not a reality, but don’t strap dynamite to yourself and blow yourself up. Don’t put a gun to your head. Yes it’s unreal, but respect it anyway. Be hospitable to the world. Live according to the rules of the physical plane. This is what the Kybalion is saying, and explore these things internally, that’s what we are really getting at. If you respect the relative reality but do not assign it the status of abidingly real, then you have a chance to dispel its illusion even as you live and interact in the physical world. This is being in the world but not being deluded by it and therefore caught up in the snare of worldly pain, sorrow and disappointments.

Explore these things within yourself, enlighten yourself. As above, so below; as below, so above. Then the great reality behind this teaching is discovered. So, what is experienced in the higher planes corresponds to what is experienced in the lower planes. From the perspective of inner awareness, consciousness that manifests as the world of time and space and physical reality is a reflection of, a projection of and therefore, correspondent with the consciousness that projected it, that expresses as it. The higher you go, all these different gradations of planes of existence, you discover that there is no like gate between them, a specific door, etc… These things are related to level of vibrations, levels of consciousness that you become aware of through your own vibration; And that is the next great teaching of the Kybalion, that we will discuss next time.

(Om htp, htp, htp). End of lecture.


The Question is when you dream something, you have never seen or heard of before, or a thought or conception comes to you, that you were previously unaware of, where does that come from?

Answer There are a few sources, as we discussed a few minutes ago, an idea can be placed in your mind, by your previous experiences, your aryu of the past in this life or of past lifetimes and your experiences leaves residues in your unconscious and those unconscious residues, when they resonate with a outside stimuli, they are caused to sprout into thoughts and desires, that lead you to certain actions and whereas as we said before, if you are a surface personality, you are not going to be able to control your desires, you are not going to be able to control your acts. You act according to your instinct, with your inner feelings, with your hormones. People like that are called slaves to the world, they are not real human beings, according to the teaching. That is one source, from your previous experiences that impels and or compels you to act in the physical world, to desire, imagine, in the physical or dream realms.

Another source is from your present experiences, your imaginations, your fantasies. If you are a person who is given to fantasy, you learn how to come up with ideas and you aspire to do that and so on and so forth and you are essentially creating illusions. So, another source, according to your character, your ethics or lack thereof, which is based on your previous aryu.

Another source is that you can be influenced by higher beings, by gods and goddesses, saints and sages, as well as negative beings and those we call demons. We call them sebau, which are fiends. Which merely means people or spirits who have negative tendencies, who are unrighteous; these people who lived or live unrighteous lives while alive and then they go on to a certain plane and then they become unrighteous forms of energy for a time. And like seeks like, alike attracts alike. If you are a righteous person, you are going to attract righteous energy to you, good things to you. If you are a negative personality then the opposite occurs.

Have you ever noticed that when you travel to a different country, a different city, whatever it is, isn’t it interesting how you attract to yourself the same type of friends, the same type of people, the job you get, etc. You don’t get or befriend people who are different personalities from the ones who were with before. However, sometimes you can break from that pattern set for you by your aryu, if you make it the point to change your life, by following the dictates of the teaching and seeking out khnumt nefer or good association; association with wise persons, sages, or at least those souls who are seeking to live up to the wisdom of higher philosophy and practice it in practical life. So these are the kinds of places where your experiences can come from. Mostly it’s based on aryu from previous lives.

Sometimes you can get premonitions, if you are in touch with the higher planes of existence. That means that you are getting less in touch with physical time and more in touch with eternity. Therefore you can be like the person sitting on the bleachers at the football game. The running back is coming from one end zone, trying to get to the other. You can see the whole field from one end to the next, as opposed to the people who are right down, at game level, they can only see a piece of what’s going on. So therefore you get a few little insights into what may happen in the future. But remember that this is, as the Kybalion says, take this hospitably and with respect, but not as an absolute, because what you are seeing is a possibility for the future. Not the possibility of a future that necessarily has to happen.

There is no set fate or destiny for humanity, you make that up as you go along. Whatever it is that happens, you could then say that was your fate, that was your destiny to do that, whatever it is. You can’t say that about the future, that you are destined to do this, or do that, because they are many variables.

Any other Questions? New York has a Question. New York group you may ask your Question.

Question (Asr. Un Shen) You mentioned about three planes of consciousness in the form of Amun, Ra, Ptah, that is the causal, astral and physical planes respectively, all of which emanate from the one Supreme Being, Nebertcher. The three planes of consciousness have seven sub-planes as we speak. I wanted to ask what is the significance of the number seven and why is it such a special number in terms of ancient studies, based on not only the Kemetic studies, but essentially universally.

Okay, speaking of the Kybalion now, because this is the scripture we are dealing with, although this teaching applies to other scriptures as well and namely the book of Djehuty and other scriptures that you are going to find in the new version of the Serpent Power book, but leaving that aside for now, the Kybalion states that, these seven sub-planes, the reason why these are chosen is not arbitrary. The reason for the prominence of the number seven is because this is one of the primary modes in which God has chosen to manifest the world, we, that is to say, Creation, are reflecting that which is. The reflection is related mythically in the concept of the bull Asar and the seven cows goddesses, that are serviced by the bull. The myth projects into time and space, the physical reality in the form of the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven notes in music, etc. However, the number seven, though it runs through Creation, is not the only significant number. There are more colors mind you, the main seven are the visible colors. The numbers 1, 3 and 9 as well as 10 and 42 are also instructive. There are other planes, and other levels of consciousness but the main seven are primary in our understanding of Creation through the wisdom of the Kybalion and other texts such as the wisdom of the Serpent Power, which treats the wisdom of the seven psycho-spiritual consciousness centers.

The universe manifests in multiples of seven, but they are other sacred numbers, like the number one, the number one the number of Spirit, the number three, the three planes of existence and Djehuty is the master of those three. He is the thrice greatest one. Then we have the seven planes of manifestation and also there is a teaching of the number nine, which you may know, being that this is a special number that is covered in physics, modern physics, as a primary mode of the manifestation of creation. So it’s seven plus the two and you find multiples going into the number twenty-one, forty-two and so on and so forth. By studying the numbers, we are actually making sense of the universe, of how God has created the universe and these are numbers chosen by God to manifest the universe.

So we are studying what is. What I’m getting at is that, this is the basis for the reality of those numbers, it is Gods’ choice. God could have chosen the number 50. God could have chosen eleven, chosen twelve, chose whatever She wanted to do. And so therefore, this is why we study those number, because this is what, how the universe is constructed. When you study music it is the same thing. Music makes sense because of the it follows set patterns based on how vibrations are set in Creation. So music is embedded in Creation and human beings only discover those patterns and combinations and we call those productions “songs”. However, we also are to realize that all music is based on the organization of arbitrary sounds placed in an conjunction or relationship and what one person likes versus another is subjective based on their aryu but it is still based on a pleasing pattern as seen by that person so, though music is based on those patterns it is it’s arbitrary in terms of what appeals on one may not appeal to another; some people like classical while others like Hip Hop, so music in terms of human culture is relative and therefore illusory. However, the patterns that reveal the essential nature of Creation, its structure and underlying form, that is enlightening and can be termed “music of the Spheres” and this is a worthy study for it is an assistance to the spiritual practice that leads towards enlightenment. In this capacity, the study of the octaves and especially the diatonic scale is instructive.

Think about it, music that appeals to rappers in New York city, is not necessarily going to appeal to the Pope in the Vatican. Music that appeals to the Pope in the Vatican, is not going to appeal to people who like Arabian Music. People who follow music Arabian music are not necessarily going to like the music of China, etc. However, there are certain principles about music that are universal, Western music, Aramian music, Chinese music, etc, all have the same notes and octaves but their combinations are different but nevertheless, they all use the same notes, musical vibrations even if they use different materials in the instruments that give the vibrations varied sounds (timbre) which seemingly provides virtually infinite variations of the same sounds. in this sense, music is a universal expression but it is based on the underlying numbers; for example, an octave is a set number based on a scale of vibrations whereby the sounds of the follow a certain distinctly progressive tonal quality until they begin to repeat but at a higher or lower level of vibration. Therefore, the scale is set in Creation itself just as the positions of colors in the rainbow are set. What we do with those tones or colors and the way we combine them to make music or art is based on the creative impetus within but it is based on the underlying structure of Creation and it that underlying structure was set in place by God and not by human imagination. Human imagination makes use of it to create derivative art forms but did not create the original matrix from which those creations are derived. So, the structure, the essence, the fundamental vibrations embedded in Creation are the higher reality which gives insights into the nature of Creation but the music itself, that is created by human beings, is relative. To the extent that music created by human beings helps us to discover the underlying essence of Creation, to that extent it is real and reflective of the higher reality, the higher consciousness. To the extent music and art emphasizes the relative reality, the illusion of time and space, to that extent it is a dumbing down process, a process that reinforces spiritual ignorance, a reinforcement of the illusion of Creation. Music and art that emphasize sentimentality, sexuality, egoism and the reality of the world is negative.

So, if you study the architecture of sounds, vibrations and why music that follows the architecture sounds pleasing to the ear while music that is discordant does not sound pleasing to the ear, the theory behind music and why music sounds the way it does, why one octave above the other sounds higher and one below sounds lower and how that relates to the states of matter, solid, gaseous, liquid, etc., you discover what the universe is composed of and why it manifests as it does and then also what underlies Creation itself. The more we study color and art as well as music, which relates us to number, we make sense of the nature of practical reality. Among other things, we come to find that sound and color relate to forms of vibrations and that we are going to discuss next time. Vibrations above, vibrations below. There are basically different forms of vibrations of the same creation, the same matter and it all comes back to the One essence, the ALL. It’s all a manifestation of the One transcendental consciousness.

Question (Asr. Connie) In studying the act of waking up in the dream world, is that a way of realizing the unreality of the dream world? Is that a way to study and realize the unreality of the waking world?

Answer The Answer to that Question is yes, however that is a simple answer, it is a lot more involved than that. In order to truly realize the unreality of the physical and the astral world, it is necessary to realize, if you are a true student, a true mystic, a true practitioner, you are going to transcend this physical world, then you are going to go the astral world, that is going to have it’s own reality and there are many aspirants who get caught up with that also. They get caught up in the astral plane. The astral plane is the plane you experience when you dream. So we may think of waking up in two dream worlds. Waking up in the dream world that is the physical reality or the dream world that you experience when you are a sleep at night in bed, the astral plane. Both are illusory but the astral plane is more fluid and changeable so it is more difficult to maintain that awareness of wakefulness, being aware you are dreaming. Yet it is possible and something to be worked towards. This is also referred to as “Lucid Dreaming” but realize we are not seeking to just wake up and realize we are dreaming and thinking we are the waking personality who is dreaming in the astral plane. We are seeking to wake up to both illusory worlds and realize we are the transcendental self dreaming that we are an individual personality in the physical or the astral plane. This is going beyond both.

There has to be study of the wisdom teaching, there has to be much reflection and you must be able to impress the mind with the wisdom teaching and there must be continuous impression. The impression of the wisdom teaching must overpower and overcome the impressions of the ignorance, the impressions of the physical or astral world as being a reality.


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