New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -THE PRINCIPLE OF GENDER Part 2


When your mind is cleansed from impressions of ignorance and unrighteousness (actions based on untruth – lack of Maat) you actually can realize that there is an I within you, that has been there all along and that has been actually trying to speak to you and that you can converse with and this is the Asar meeting the Asar. Your personality is meeting its reflective aspect of your higher truth, your higher reality. Therefore you can converse with God directly at this point. You can shake hands with God as it were.

Once you have been satisfied with this, then you can become comfortable and relaxed sufficiently to let go of that I am, that me conditioned concept and you realize that it is merely an illusory reflection of self, manifesting in time and space. So, when this happens, identification of Self shifts from the me to the I and this is called Nehast. The Awakening, the Resurrection, the Akhu, Enlightenment.

This is actually also referred to in the later Christian teachings of Kemet, Egypt, the Ancient Egyptian Gnostic Christianity. This is known as the Divine Marriage. You would have noticed that there is an aisle up the center of all the Christian churches. This tradition follows the Ancient Egyptian Temple model. Have you ever wonderd why that aisle is there? In the Kamitan temples, there is a procession path way that goes directly from the outside, through the center of the Kamitan temples to the innermost reaches of the temple, the sanctuary. The Christians adopted this format with an isle leading from outside directly through the center of the Church leading to the main altar at the back. Actually some of the first Christian churches were converted sections of Ancient Egyptian Temples. One major difference is that in the Christian temple everything is more open, you don’t have a special room for the Holy of Holies, the mystery is there around the altar and open to the public. That factor tends to bring the mystery to a mundane level and reduces its symbolic importance.

But leaving that aside for now. When a person goes up to receive the host in the Christian temple, the Eucharist, you go up the aisle and actually, what is suppose to be happening is a uniting of yourself with the Christ. This is exactly the same thing that was done in the Kamitan temple, only that you go into the innermost room and you become one with God there, after a process of initiation that prepares you for that union, unlike the Christian church which does not prepare you and essentially leaves you to receive the symbolic Eucharist without changing yourself to vibrate at a divine level; thus, in Christianity most people receive the Eucharist every week but are never transformed, improved, and elevated in consciousness, but rather remain with their egos virtually intact.

Taking the arit or the Eucharist and is symbolic of the ultimate marriage, the Divine Marriage, that is suppose to take effect in the life of every human being. Your ability to have this kind of higher marriage is enhanced when you have good marriages on the lower planes and your life on the lower plane is dedicated to allowing you to learn how to have the marriage on the higher plane which means righteous relationships, learning how to care for the relationships you have in a non-sentimental and childish or romanticized way but rather mature and patient as well as forgiving way along with following the path of Maat and the regular practice of the shedy disciplines of Kemetic Yoga, the study of wisdom teachings such as the Kybalion, the practice of devotional worship of the Divine, acting in accord with the Precepts of Maat and practicing formal meditation.

In other words your love affair with another person and your relations with others, with family, the community, other countries, with nature, etc. is actually suppose to lead you to actually discover higher forms of love. But if you are an ignorant person and you don’t know about that, all you know is about loving one person or only loving your family, community or country and not caring for others and you have the wrong reasons for loving them, your relations are sentimental and egoistic, selfish and possessive, and you don’t know that there is suppose to be a higher perspective of your love, then you will constantly impregnate yourself with lower forms of love concepts. This is the gross aspect of the gender principle coupled with mental dullness and spiritual ignorance. The ignorant way of understanding is that love is solely for having sex; love is for having pleasure with another person; relationships are there for the other person to make you happy, for children, for material objects, to bring you pleasure and happiness, your physical love is for you to have children, so you can love them, so you can have somebody to care for and they can love you and give you pleasure through their life and caring for you, and all that kind of thing. All of this is the lower form of thinking, the ignorant and degraded way of life and understanding. If this process operates in the mind, the person will have untold continuous misery throughout lifetimes.

Because impressions that you have taken in, related to this kind of degraded gender understanding, have not been resolved, they will continue to sprout in this and future lifetimes and it will be a cycle of continuous spiritual ignorance. At some point that ignorance hurts you so much, that it turns into deep disdain, disappointment, frustration and suffering and that is going to lead you to the higher path of life. When suffering batters the personality sufficiently and the aryu in the unconscious has turned from completely deluded to partially deluded but realizing the futility of searching for abiding happiness through degraded ideas of human existence and the egoistic ways of relations, then there dawns in the personality a disposition for desiring and seeking for something better, something true instead of false, stable instead of fleeting and abiding instead of illusory; this is called a mature personality that is ready to seriously follow and authentic and advanced spiritual path of life. When this higher capacity dawns, true aspiration leads to lucid dispassion and that dispassion should lead to detachment. In this mental environment not agitated by the winds of worldly illusions, the teachings are able to come in and allows that detachment and dispassion to turn your attention to higher forms of spiritual love. This is the practice of advanced Tantric Yoga.

Successfully gaining insight into the higher meaning of gender and transcending the Principle of Gender means loving people impersonally, that is, loving the true and higher essence of your partner, your family, community, instead of only their physical and ephemeral sentimental aspects as well as expanding to loving your country, and other people’s countries and expanding loving to your world, loving nature and all Creation. If your love expands in that way, that is the Divine Marriage that allows you to transcend physicality and unite with the matrix of existence, the higher Self. You can imagine that kind of mind, how it is being impregnated by spirit and how it gives birth to spiritual enlightenment.

That kind of mind wants nothing but to bring forth beautiful children, children that will bring glory and peace to the world. Sometimes this may take the form of giving birth to ideas, or the children may be in the form of books, in the form of goodwill, in the forms of radiations of energy that actually affect people of lower mind and lift them up. So the words of sages are willed vibrations and they go into the mind, and mate with the maturely disposed mind and give rise to an avid aspirant.

Recently there was a funeral this week of a prominent hiphop/rap artist; everybody was crying and sorrowful and remarking about how their lives were affected by this person. Think about how a singer of hiphop/rap or a entertainer person in Hollywood can affect peoples’ lives. Just consider that what these people do, they entertain you and sustain your delusions of life and bring you more illusions on the screen or on the radio and that is what affects people? Are people’s lives improving because of those entertainments or are their sentimental and illusory values being supported, which leaves them empty, agitated and weak to handle the struggle of life?

An avid aspirant is one who is recognizing the error of sentimental values, ignorant notions about sex and gender and is seeking for a way to elevate the mind, to be a person of higher mind who is not affected by these things and therefore these things are recognized as illusory. The person of higher mind is affected by higher things, higher thought forms, higher ideas, and higher glories that relate not just to mortal life but to that which comes next and even now exists in an adjacent dimension, as it were.

The pleasures and joys experienced on the lower planes, is a little bit of that ecstasy that can be experienced on a higher plane but most people think that that pleasure from sex or eating or physical comfort is the purpose of life and that is the objective and ultimate purpose of a human being. A person who lives in this way, who evolves in this way will evolve very slowly, in fact they may take millions and millions of years to develop, through many lifetimes.

If this dispassion and detachment are not developed, a human being remains a slave to their negative aryu and also a slave to the desires and generations of gender; they are forced to become involved with relationships they later regret and producing ideas, actions and progeny they later realize they were not ready for or that led to situations (entanglements) of suffering that go on for years and perhaps lifetimes. This is also the cause of addictions, aberrant behaviors and insanity.

That degraded personality is like a dog. Those of you who have pets, you know dogs sometimes they eat stuff that is bad for them and then they get sick because of it and vomit it up but then, after all that suffering, they go back and eat it again and sometimes they eat the vomit itself. It is a gross image, but it is true, people are like that with their feelings, desires and thoughts; even though they know it is bad for them they still pursue it anyway. Another illustration of this is the parable of the robbers who in olden times went investigating old or abandoned buildings looking for riches left behind in the walls. The head robber goes and sticks his hand in the wall, because before banks, people use to put their money and valuables in the walls of the house.

Once they found an abandoned church, they thought something valuable might be in there, so they went in, and the head robber put this hand in. He got stung by a scorpion, but he didn’t tell anybody, because he didn’t want to look weak, he didn’t want to lose his status, but he had to go on and act as if nothing was wrong… so he says “wow, that is an interesting feeling, keep on checking the wall everybody”. Another person stuck his hand in and got stung and he didn’t want to look bad, he didn’t want to say anything or buck against the system or seem strange or out of place and so on and so on and so on.

This is how people are with their families, friends and strangers. People go along and do not say their true opinion about life so everyone believes the illusion of life because hardly anyone in leadership positions talk about this. So people do not learn and are doomed to experience more of the same. Your parents go on with the world, because we have to have mortgages and have to have children, a car, to look good, to satisfy the egoistic desires of life. We have to do what they say on television, because that is what everybody else is doing. We have to eat meat, because that is what everybody does; if you stop eating meat you are considered crazy. If you say there must be something more to life than this rat race they think you are depressed and want to put you on medication since doesn’t everyone think this is a great way to run society, with narcissism and corruption in politics and popular culture, with unrestricted greed of corporations, with racial, gender and economic disparities? If you are doing yoga, you are one of those crazy people right? As long as we can watch football on TV, drink and do drugs, go to a movie and escape our problems and delude ourselves that the next politician will fix everything we will be alright. This is the delusion of life that a distorted sense of gender leads to. But it is really the delusion of the culture and does not have to be your delusion.

Those patterns that have been established by the ignorant “me,” will continue taking you into a cycle of pain and sorrow, and untold miseries indefinitely, unless you learn the secret of gender. Unless you learn what is happening to you and how it has happened, how you have allowed it to happen and how to stop it from happening.

The Kybalion says you must learn how to lay aside those thoughts of the ‘me’. Study of the teaching and practice of meditation is the ultimate way, when you concentrate your mind, you actually can start to discover yourself as separate from your thoughts, your feelings and your ego. You can start observing your thoughts. If this were to happen, you must realize that this is a high attainment in itself.

If this were to happen, you are well on your way because you must realize that the entity who is witnessing your thoughts, witnessing your feelings, etc. is something other than those thoughts and feelings. Why? This cannot happen if you are so intertwined with your thoughts and your desires and feelings that you believe they are you. So if you are able to start discerning the difference, the demarcation between your higher self and the ego and its thoughts and feelings then this is an advanced movement towards that. Begin to practice detachment and dispassion, the disciplines of silence. Realize that you don’t have to speak all the time. You don’t have to say things all the time. You don’t have to be moving all the time or entertaining yourself all the time and distracting yourself from what you must face within and get beyond, the ego, so you can discover the higher self beyond.

Things will go on without you; what you think is so important is merely like a passing cloud in the sky and there have been many in the past and there will be many in the future so just start observing them instead of running after them and thinking if only you could grab one, gram a partner and get married, grab a beer, grab some tasty food, gram a person and have sex, if only never really satisfies fully and is usually a setup for a disappointment and a frustration instead of what you were running after. Realize that your thoughts are not you so, you don’t have to act on your thoughts. You are controlling your thoughts, you are controlling your feelings and actions. Start realizing that you are separate from your thoughts, separate from your feelings, separate from your actions, and your physical body.

Through this teaching and this discipline of spiritual practices you are to realize you are the witnessing consciousness, and the dawning of this witnessing consciousness, this is what every aspirant is after. In the disciplines of the teaching, the listening, reflection and meditation, you listen to the teaching as it is given and then you reflect on it. Reflection is actually a form of auto suggestion, but based on reason and the mature disposition we discussed earlier as opposed to ignorance, religious dogmas or ideologies or your own egoistic desires; the most concise and powerful concentration of all this is in the chant you use to encapsulate the teaching in idea, sound and feeling. For example, “Om Amun Ra Ptah, Om Amun Ra Ptah,” if you do that you are embedding energy impressions, wisdom and enlightened spiritual feeling into your unconsciousness mind and thereby changing your aryu and your fate.

Once you know the teaching, that Om Amun Ra Ptah, or any chant related that you choose, becomes a formula, a catalyst that goes into your mind and it does fantastic works that you cannot even imagine. A formula when it is activated, opens up worlds. So auto suggestion, you are suggesting to yourself, as opposed to allowing the world to suggest to you, or the television to suggest to you, or your friends, ignorant family members or the sports fans, etc. This is why peer pressure is such a big problem. In a society like this that is guided by ‘the me’, by the ego. Instead you should be guided by the voice of reason and you should keep company with those who also seek after the meaning of life

Peer pressure is a most serious problem for young people as well as adults. Keeping up with the Jones’s, running with your friends, all this is suggestion and it stimulates your negative aryu while at the same time creating new negative aryu for the future. If you do not allow the teaching to suggest to you, your ignorance, or the ignorance of others is going to suggest to you and you are going to become ignorant thereby, because that is your association, with the ignorant egos of other people.

Therefore, the wise aspirant must learn how to become female and to listen to the teaching and allow that teaching to be impregnated in his or her subconscious and unconscious mind; And then learn to recognize the sproutings; the Divine children of those higher thoughts that are based on reason and ethical conscience and learn how to act in accordance with those positive sprouts and to suppress the negative sprouts based on the ignorant actions, thoughts and feelings of one’s own past or coming from other personalities.

An aspirant, who is growing in wisdom, is to allow those negative sprouts to die, in order for this higher process to happen; if you don’t want them to grow you don’t allow them to receive the sun, the water and care just like a sprout on land. You do not allow it to receive the sun, meaning that you do not nourish it, encourage it, do not agree with it and if possible do not act on it. For example, a thought comes into your mind, so, okay you are practicing the teaching now and you have learned from the teaching that you should not be running after objects. Before you came into the teaching, you used to fill your mind with impressions, because your friend got a red, sports car and all of his friends say “oh this is a wonderful sports car and now you’re so wonderful because you have a sports car.” You may start to think, if you have a nice car like that then you would feel good about yourself too. So you too start running after the car, just like your friend. But now, as the intelligent aspirant, you are realizing that you don’t need that car, at least intellectually. That’s ‘the ego me’, because the car becomes like the appendage and indeed you are seeking to unite with that object, to mate with it as if it is an object of gender that you can acquire, merge with and have relations with to make yourself more happy, more complete; again, this is the distortion of the principle of gender. Gender is in everything and if you see yourself as a gender object, a male or female or whatever, you can imagine you can acquire and unite with many objects in time in space which themselves have also been generated from a higher source into the realm of time and space where everything exists as a gender object. Since your higher self transcends time and space your true self is not a gender object and if you realize that truth you would be free from all gender constrictions.

Intellectually, this reasoning is not enough but it helps you to eradicate the impressions if you follow all of the teaching and not just the philosophy; but if you don’t work on this the impressions remain and they are going to sprout up, because you put them there and have not dealt with them. Now you have learned that intellectually, but now you have these thoughts coming up. Now every time you see a sports car running around, the feelings come into your mind and the ideas pop into your head about the great idea and why not pursue it? You may say, “all these years I’ve wanted a sports car.” The thought comes into your mind and you believe it is you who are thinking it when in reality it is your ignorant self resonating with the vibrations of experiences of the past that you have agreed with and dreamed or imagined about and allowed to lodge in your unconscious mind. You yourself have placed importance on those things and have given them energy of desire but then you are unaware when the cravings and desires come up and you are compelled to follow their dictates, you cannot stop yourself from pursuing the desire – because you have an internal thought process that supports it with ideas like: “It is my life dream, what I have always wanted. And if I do not achieve it your life would be meaningless and miserable right?”

The thought not only comes into your mind, it comes in with an energetic force, because all your thoughts are associated with little bits of energy [sekhem]. Remember what I said, if that energy is not channelized, it will ruin you, it will control, it impel you and eventually compel you to an action you will likely regret. You will find yourself on your way to the car dealership and signing for that car, whether you want to or not and then when the novelty of the care wares off, when it is a model that has gone out of style, you will be left with the bill and the unfulfilled desire still waiting to push you into something else in the future. So it is important to understand this wisdom, be aware of how aryu works and control the mind.

If you are gaining control of your mind what happens? What happens there is that you start to understand the teaching intellectually, you start becoming consciously aware of and consciously recognizing that thought that comes in, “oh here is a thought in my mind, I’m recognizing I have aryu related to the sports car desire and that has triggered this impression in my mind and now it is sprouting up as a thought, may I get this sports car and I’m witnessing this thought, hmm very interesting.” Your feelings about it are there but yet you are aware of them and why they are there and they lose power over you. If you do what ordinary people do, which is to agree with that thought, saying “yes, yes, I want that sports car,” then what happens is that impression goes into your mind, that you’ve auto suggested and that impression adds to the storehouse of previous impressions related to this feeling. It starts to get stronger and more powerful because you’re feeding it with more energy. Next time it comes up, you reinforce it more and that’s what ordinary people do, what ignorant people do, until they are forced to take action on the desires they have worked hard to build up since their weak will cannot resist the discomfort their mind puts them through if they do not take the action.

If you practice this mental discipline you become a witness to the feelings and thoughts and you allow them to appear and you watch that thought and or feeling that has emerged in the mind and the urges in the body. You say to yourself: “Hmm, that’s the thought I had, that’s the thought I put in there, that’s interesting. A red car, yea. Desire it, get it and feel good. How ignorant is that?” In this way you start applying the wisdom to that thought and or feeling that has emerged in your mind and body. You apply the eye of Hetheru that is going to burn up that thought, so it dissolves it, destroys it, and resolves that ignorant aryu of the past. You do not feed it, you do not give it the sunlight energy. That same energy that the aryu uses to compel you comes from the same place as the energy you can accumulate in your will power, but you are going to nourish the ethical conscience and will within you with that light, that solar power. Or you are going to feed it to the ego and allow it to destroy your life with that power.

Understanding intellectually allows you to realize the problem and know what is the correct path. Then, with experiences and practice, you gradually turns the negative aryu to positive and the energy that was seeking to pursue unrighteous activities is changed to now pursue righteous activities based on a correct understanding of gender in life. Understanding coupled with righteous action (actions based on and in accord with the truth of the teaching) lead to spiritual enlightenment and freedom from the consequences of the erroneous actions based on ignorance of the deeper meaning of the Principle of Gender. In this exercise you are to practice being a witness to your thoughts and feelings by allowing them to emerge in your mind and not suppressing them and then by shining the light of wisdom on them (reflecting on how the teaching applies to them) you allow them to dissipate, to diffuse like a bomb, and be dismantled and discarded.

In order to counter the negative thought process of mind the teaching is to engage an opposite thought process, the opposite vibration and thus neutralize and eventually overwhelm the negative with the positive. So if a thought comes in to the conscious level of mind, such as “I have to run and get that sports car, look at how red it is and look at how it looks so nice, etc. Apply the counter narrative, look how ridiculous that idea is, that I will look good because of a car? that I become a better person? that I will be happy with a red sports car? Look at me friend who bought a sports car; he has the same issues as before and now he has a expensive car bill on top of that! He has to pay the bill for the sports car, the sports car broke and he had to repair it and the girlfriend that he picked up with the sports car, is no longer with him and she was mad at him one day, so she scratched the sports car with her key and he was so upset he punched the wall and broke his hand and is in pain all the time!” Think about it, all those negative aspects of the choices in life are there for all to see but a person’s mind becomes clouded and even refuses to notice them because of the ignorant and negative aryu in the unconscious mind and the emerging thought process from those negative aryus that builds up so much energy that it compels the person to do what the desires dictate to them must be done, all because of this pattern, which is a form of negative reflection and concentration that soils the mind instead of the positive reflections and concentrations that render the mind pure and lucid as well as strong in will power.

If you break that cycle of ignorance and negative thought process you become a full fledged initiate, a real initiate, and you are on your way to mental purity, clarity, spiritual enlightenment. This is the depth of the teaching of the Principle of Gender. For those who have ears let them hear… Om hetep, hetep, hetep. Any Questions?

Question: This is about people who are crazy, talking to themselves, is similar to what we were talking about, the me talking to the I and schizophrenia, which you are really talking about, is actually a degeneration of mind. It is like if there are many mirrors or centers of identity of mind. And those centers of identity which are all illusory, are conversing with each other, or interacting with each other. You follow?

ANSWER: It’s as if your ‘inner’ personality is being multiplied, in whatever numbers and these ignorant identities are conversing with each other. Now of course if you have more than one, you are going to have a problem interacting with yourself, let alone, you know the rest of the world, so you can imagine what the world would be like if you have multiple personalities.

Here we are talking about ‘the me’ talking to the ‘I’, this is actually the healthy conception of the human being. The ego, though illusory, is where you start from and from here you direct yourself to the “I”, the higher self and essential being. There is a parable about this. There was once a person going on a train, a son-in-law who was going to visit his father-in-law. He reached this village where the father-in-law was and he got off the train and then this other gentleman walks up to him and he says “I will carry your bags for you.” The son-in-law thought, “oh my father sent this guy to carry my bags, how wonderful.” So they walked down the platform to where the father-in-law was and the father-in-law saw the son-in-law and thinks, “oh he’s doing well, he has got a servant to carry his bags.” So they all go home to the house of the father-in-law and after a couple of days, they start conversing with each other, and the father-in-law said, “oh that’s a nice guy that you brought with you”. The son-in-law said “what do you mean, I thought you sent him to the train station for me?” The stranger overheard their conversation and left through the back door when he realized his deception was discovered.

The son-in-law is the soul and the father-in-law is the spirit in this story. When they get together and converse, that is the soul and the spirit, the lower self and higher self, they realize there is this shadowy character between them who does not belong there and neither one called him, he just appeared out of thin air. When the soul and the spirit come together directly the ego that was between them dissolves and its illusoriness is revealed. The shadowy character is born of ignorance, it is the ego, the illusory idea you have about yourself as to who and what you are, based on your aryu of the past which is the basis of your self-concept. So, it is this ignorant ego that is getting in the way of ‘the me and the I’. This is what is causing the mental problems from the mild ones like anger, hatred, greed to the more deviant ones like bipolar, and depression to sociopathy and psychopathology to the more degraded psychotic breaks. This illusory notion is what must be eradicated because that is what leads to the ignorance and the consequent mental deviations, degradations from sanity, clarity and truth. If that illusion gets to be powerful enough, it can cause serious mental disturbance since it is a deviation from truth and any deviation from truth (Maat) leads to egoism, unrighteousness and disease and the severity depends on the degree of deviation. Remember I said that those thought forms contain energy, and that would destroy the mind, that will destroy you, that would lead you to schizophrenia, to mental dis-ease, to mental illness and these disturbances are the underlying cause of social diseases and aberrations that lead to conflict, crime, the inhumanity of some human beings towards others and even war. If the deviation into egoism is severe enough, your mind becomes unhinged, as it were, unstuck in time and space and not in a positive way, it becomes dull, degraded and disintegrated. Your mind should be integrated, clear and powerful. The deviation causes changes in the DNA of the cells and the nervous system as well. However, insanity is not just an issue of the brain but it is an issue of the astral mind and the astral mind affects the physical physiology and physical constitution.

All the aspects of your personality, your will, your intellect, your emotions, your actions should all be integrated; they should all be under one control through a well adjusted ego structure, otherwise you have insanity. Even though it is illusory, the well adjusted ego is a kind of stable window through which the self looks at the world. The window has dirt and colors and other distortions caused by the aryu so it sees but not clearly and tends to want to see things in accordance with its own desires and accustomed norms so that if anything differs from that the ego develops stress, fear, frustration, etc.

This line of though recalls another concept that I didn’t mention before, called baka. The ba is the specific aspect of the personality known as “soul.” In the scriptures of Shetaut Neter we are told that a person can converse with his/her ba, meaning that your ka (mind/ego) can communicate with your ba and this is why a pregnant woman is referred to as ba-ka or pregnant. Pregnancy is called ba-ka.

When your soul impregnates your ka you have spirit coming into mind and spiritualizing it. If you have ka-ba, the ego is impregnating the soul with ignorance, sentimentality, childish notions, insecurities, fears and diffidence; now you have a terrible condition and this is what everyone in the world who is living life based on ignorance and under the control of egoistic aryu is facing. Their egoism impregnating their concept of self and their soul is miserable because of that. That misery is expressed in the deviations into unrighteousness, unrest and conflict. The ignorance and degraded, deluded worldly tending ego is constantly being impregnated with ignorance and that leads you to lifetimes and lifetimes of pain and sorrow.



this installment concludes the text of the new book. Now the text will be reedited and typeset in the final book format and will be released later this summer or in early Fall.


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