2022 Mystic Egypt Initiatic Tour




2022 Mystic Egypt Tour Free Preview Webinar (April 17th, 2021)

Expanded Webinar with Details about the Spiritual Nature of our trip & our Organization

Uniqueness of this Trip, Bio for Seba Dja & Spiritual Itinerary Details

Kemetic –Ancient Egyptian Spiritual Wisdom Proverb:

“Men and Women are to become God/Divine-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the Spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline.”

Why this trip? Who is Dr Seba Dja Karen Ashby?


So, these 2 questions are intertwined. So, as our trip flyer states, I’m a teacher and priestess in the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) tradition of Shetaut Neter (Hidden Divinity, also referenced as Egyptian Mysteries). Our philosophical teachings and spiritual practices are akin to Eastern YOGA, Integral Yoga, & Buddhist philosophies, so we sometimes refer to it as “Egyptian Yoga”, which is also the title one of our books. So, the philosophy we study and that will be studied on this trip is compatible with other mystic traditions, that seek to lead aspirants to “Know Thyself”, that is, discover one’s true Spiritual Transcended Essence, in the state of Spiritual Enlightenment.

Just to note: I will use the terms Ancient Egypt or Kemetic, but sometimes I may use one only or even the abbreviation KMT for Kemet. Kemet is one of the names the Ancient Egyptians called their land now known as Egypt, and so we refer to it/them as Kemetan or Kemetic.

The Hieroglyphics For for Kemet are: QMT/KMT

My spiritual partner (“husband” is the western term, but we refer to it as a spiritual partnership) and I founded the Sema Institute of Yoga, Temple of Aset and Shetaut Neter, 1995. Sema is the Kemetic word that means Union, like the word Yoga. And currently we offer online classes in Ancient Egyptian/Kemetan Spirituality, in our Virtual Temple, with our Temple Community (www.KemetUniversity.com, www.EgyptianMysteries.org). So, we live and breathe the Ancient Teachings for Spiritual Transformation and Enlightenment, and we have brought forth over 70 books on the subject. I have edited many of them, not just for grammar, but for spiritual context as well, and we have co-authored two. I also have a book on De-stressing, and am working on one on Yoga Mysticism currently.   Our books can be found here: Books: https://aerbook.com/store/Egyptian_Yoga_Books as well as on amazon or any of the large book distributors, by just typing in Muata Ashby, author, or and “Egyptian Yoga.”

You may want to get some of these books and read before your trip, especially the “Egyptian Yoga, The Philosophy of Enlightenment” which is a good beginner’s primer, and also, African Religion Volume 4, Asarian Theology which gives the foundational myth of the Ancient Egyptian Religion. We will go over this important myth in our preparatory studies. If you wish to have a deeper “inner mystic understanding” of the psycho-spiritual teachings of this myth, I encourage you to get the book beforehand and read it in its entirety; it will augment your spiritual experience during the trip.

Both my spiritual partner and I have studied Yoga-Vedanta for over 25 years, including with an enlightened Sage teacher. We have also studied Buddhism, and in general other religions and spiritual traditions as well, so we have a fairly broad foundation, and if we don’t know something, we will research it and get back to you, including relative to questions on Kemet. We strive to have our teaching based on researches and translations of Kemetic Scriptures, and not to make things up or assume.

And also, we have done trips together with groups since 2015, and although he is semi-retired from this, I have continued on, because I so much appreciate the body of work he has brought forth, which I have been blessed to be a part of, based on original hieroglyphic translations of texts from the different Temples and sources (papyrus, texts, etc.), making these ancient teachings of Enlightenment accessible to spiritual aspirants here and now, in a coherent and integral way for spiritual evolution and transformation. These Ancient African philosophies and teachings are akin to the Eastern Yoga-Vedanta and Buddhist philosophies and teachings, but here coming through the ancient Sages- Priests and Priestesses of Ancient Egypt, Kemet, with their own special nuanced mystic insights for those persons who resonate with the teachings from this Ancient African perspective.

I feel a commitment to share these profound mystic philosophical spiritual teachings that I have been blessed to partake of with others on the spiritual path who want to partake of them also…who want to know what the writings on the Ancient Egyptian Temple walls that were taught to the ancient Initiates say, and how it can help us to better “KNOW THYSELF!”, and evolve spiritually as did the initiates of ancient times. It is a short dip into the ocean of Kemet, Ancient Egypt, that flourished with Enlightened Sages, who built great monuments which to this day have defied understanding as to their construction, and Temples that still are pouring forth the spiritual teachings for those spiritually sensitive aspirants who have ears to listen and eyes to see.

And even if this, Shetaut Neter, is not your spiritual path, but you would like to have a very spiritually focused trip, then you should consider our trip, as the teachings at the Metaphysical and Mystical level of authentic Spiritual traditions are saying the same things, through different lenses of culture and language.  We will breathe! We will meditate! We will chant and play sistrums and drums! We will practice postures! We will practice Truth and Honesty! Albeit from the Ancient Egyptian lens/perspective.

I have traveled enough to Egypt/Kemet, to have experienced and hear what some Egyptian Guides share with the tourists, and when I tune in to listen, am often dismayed by the inaccuracies (since many cannot read the glyphs themselves) on so many levels, even misidentifying the gods and goddesses, and putting in all kinds of non-spiritual, non-mystical perspectives, some of which are degrading, especially when they do so in what to us is our Temple!

So, this trip is for someone who wants to connect to the Spiritual Culture of Kemet, Ancient Egypt, in a way as to learn what their Sages taught, that expressed as the greatness at a cultural level with a society that lasted over 5,000 years, and have a transformative personal spiritual experience, as a part of the trip.

Just to visit Kemet/Egypt as a tourist is an awesome, mind blowing experience, no doubt. And some persons like to visit it for its spiritual energy, to connect with that. And that too can be a powerful personal experience. So, our trip will provide opportunities to have those experiences. It will be mind-blowing and awesome and you will feel spiritually connected, because that is Kemet! However, those experiences in and of themselves can be more inspirational, and not specifically spiritually cleansing and transformative. If you are on the spiritual path, then I would want you to feel that this trip is another chapter in your spiritual studies, and not that you are viewing something ancient that has no relevance for your spiritual transformation. But rather, we should feel that we can further our spiritual practice and evolution by now also studying the teachings that the ancient Greeks who thought highly enough about the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries to travel to Egypt and become initiates, including Pythagoras, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Herodotus, and Diodordus, studied. Now we too have access to these teachings. And of course we cannot study all the teachings during our short trip. But we will focus on important teachings, that have been translated by my spiritual partner or myself, that are integral to the Mystical Teachings of Enlightenment. So if you are on another spiritual path, this will be a commonality of our focus, just through the lens of Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic myths, cosmology, and mystic teachings.  So, not only will you have an awesome mind blowing personal experience, but also, you will have evolved in some way, spiritually. This latter spiritual aspect of spiritual evolution is also tested through the group dynamics, as each person strives to maintain spiritual harmony with everyone as one spiritual family, by always striving to sublimate the ego, and abide in our Divine awareness. So, there will be both theory AND practice to integrate the personality.

So, I hoped this helped to give a little insight about myself and about this trip.

Also, I am assisted by our Kemet Mystic Tour Team, who are initiates of our Temple who have traveled with us and assisted on previous trips to KMT, and are grounded in the Kemetic Teachings & Spiritual practices, notably Asar Aunkh Aakhu Hapi, Bastu Akhu Aset Maat, and Bastu Baket Asu Ra.

So, if you want a trip where you can hang out at the hotel by the pool and drink alcohol, this is not this kind of a trip. While you will have time to relax by the pool, this is primarily a trip for spiritual practice and experience. Depending on the setup of the hotels, if we have access to a private area, or a conference room, etc., and especially in Abydos where we will likely have such access, we will also engage in practice of Uaa, Meditation based on teachings and rituals practiced in the Temples we will be visiting, and also practice Ancient Egyptian Postures akin to the Eastern Hatha yoga systems, but based on the Neteru, the Gods and Goddesses, which represent cosmic forces and spiritual principles we must cultivate, called Tjef Sema Paut Neteru, Movement and Union with the Cosmic Principles (Gods and Goddesses also called Neteru). Also, as a spiritually focused trip, we strive to uphold the teachings of Truth and non-violence (Maat Precepts, akin to the Yamas and Niyamas in the Eastern Yoga Systems). This nonviolence also extends to our meals, which will be plant based, which scientifically, physiologically, anatomically is also the healthiest for the physical body, to keep “the home of our Soul,” our physical body, in good health. In the Ancient Egyptian Religion, this is also related to the major Divinity (Neter) Asar (Osiris) that symbolizes the Soul, when he is depicted green, wadj, which means to flourish. The spiritual implication being that green foods (vegetarian/vegan foods) will help our vital channels, in the physical and subtle astral body, heal, cleanse and open, so that our life force energy can flow for optimal physical and spiritual health. So to eat green foods, plant based foods is the original Ancient Egyptian Eucharist, taking in the awareness our Soul-essence, and as we become what we eat, the mythic mystic reflection is that of becoming one with our Soul essence, Spirit, Divinity, Consciousness. So, so very nefer as we say, nefer meaning beautiful! Spiritually beautiful!

So our meals will be vegan (exceptions such as cheese for vegetarians who are not vegan may be made upon request). Also, there will be no smoking anything of any kind, no recreational drugs (illegal there also), and no alcohol of any kind, including no wine. And privately you will be on the honor system of course with respect to diet, but if you cannot abide by these, then this is not the trip for you, as you will be going against your own conscience as well.

But if you want a trip that supports your spiritual process, for body, mind and soul, then we welcome you to join us! It will be a WHOLISTIC trip, integrating all four parts of the personality. Humans have 4 aspects to the personality: Action, Reason/Intellect, Will and Emotions. What we will partake of in this trip, will integrate all that we learn, partake of and experience, so that you will have a harmonious integrative spiritual experience that will be balanced. The teachings we will study before and during the trip will spiritually harmonize our mind/intellect, and thoughts. The practice of Ma’at Precepts of Truth will spiritually harmonize our actions. Devotional practices (chanting and singing of Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian words of power, prayers, and scriptures) will work to transform our emotions into devotion. Meditation works by giving us the will power to stay mindful and focused on our Divine essence. Mindfulness was practiced in Kemet, and there is a teaching that we will read on the Temple walls about being mindful in the Temple of Abydos.

Now, with all that I have said, it is to be noted that the Egyptian government does not allow the open practice of meditation or other spiritual practice, including chanting, in the Temples, although this can depend on how much one is willing to tip, and also, sometimes one of the Temples restricts non-Egyptians from speaking as a Tour Leader. So this is where our Egyptian Guide comes into play. He has worked with us since 2015/2016, is knowledgeable about the sites, and knows our spiritual energy, and strives to work out these issues for us, and we work together with good teamwork. Plus, on our bus rides, we can have spiritual conversation freely, and even sing and chant. And this is also why we do a lot of preparation before the trip with our online classes and studies, because it will be too much to share when we are on the ground anyway. What they Egyptian government cannot control is what goes on in our mind. We can chant silently. We can listen to scriptures being read. We can have our own copies of scriptures and translations. So we will have a very spiritual trip, no matter what. We always do. We find those times and spaces to carve out our sacred spaces.

So, this will be an authentic Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Mystic-Spiritual Experience! It does not matter your spiritual background, it is open to all who want to explore and experience Egypt from its ancient Spiritual Roots, as these Temples were for one purpose only, Schools of Spiritual Enlightenment, discovering oneself as abiding joy, abiding peace and abiding happiness. So, we approach this trip with joyful, peaceful and happy hearts, as we are already the Divine Self, we only need to realize it. This is an important teaching also of the Ancient Egyptian mystery system! Our spiritual work is simply to remove egoistic obstacles that block our vison of this. Or focus on cleansing the 7 Energy Centers (chakras, or Sefek Ba Ra {Kemetic Term}) will be part of this process. What better place to engage this work, than in the Land of Enlightenment Factories, the Temples of Kemet.

Welcome! We hope you join us! If you have any questions or health concerns, you can reach out to me, Seba Dja, with questions: Ke**************@gm***.com, subject line: QUESTION FOR SEBA DJA . If I don’t respond, please resend it again, as I get a lot of email, and sometimes I miss one. Also, we will be starting or Webinar Promotions with Early Registration Discounts in January 2021, so send an email to the above email address to receive webinar info.

So now, about our spiritual focus of the itinerary for the trip. I want to give you some understanding of our spiritual focus on this trip, as we visit the various sites, so you can see that what we do is generally not what you will experience on any other trip. Our trips are unique this way. But to note, this is not all that we will do at these sites…it’s just a sneak peak!  

Keep in mind that when you register for the trip, you will have FREE access to videos on the Temples of Kemet, and other preparatory online videos and live presentation classes, so you will already have been exposed to this information below, in a more detailed way.


Spiritual Itinerary Details


Day 1 Arrive Cairo – Upon arrival to Cairo you will be met and assisted at the airport by someone from our Egypt Guide Team and taken to the hotel to check in and rest. PM/Eve: Dinner, Introductions, and Program Discussion.  [Keep in mind that we should already have familiarity (in the sense of feeling like a spiritual family) with each other from the pre-trip preparation online “study” sessions].

Day 2 – We will leave early morning on our spiritual venture, to behold the majestic Pyramids of Giza, and the Heru M Akhet, translated as Heru/Horus in the Horizon, commonly known as the Great Sphinx, and the Sakkara Step Pyramid, and the Sakkara complex, including the old kingdom Pyramid of Unas.

The Sakkara Step pyramid was build by the great Sage, Imhotep, who was a high priest, architect of the Step Pyramid, Vizier, astrologer, chief minister to the King/Pharaoh (we pronounce Per Aah), and physician who was later deified. In the African American cultural community, he is revered as one of the great ancestors. I recall studying about him earlier in life, and about his Renaissance type personality of great majestic capacity. And while there was a reverence for him, it was without the understanding how he achieved that, which is by being Enlightened. He is thus an example of the capacity that is within all of us to discover our true Divine nature, and express that in the world, in a majestic way. He exemplifies what is possible when the mind at a young age is unencumbered by egoism, and absorbed in Spirit/The Divine/Cosmic Consciousness, and attains Enlightenment, knowing its majestic Divine Nature as its own Self. This attainment is represented by the Heru M Akhet, the Great Sphinx, discussed below.

In Sakkara, we also find some of the oldest extensive scriptural writings that later became known as the coffin texts written on coffins, and later on as the “Books of the Dead” that were written on papyrus. And specifically in the Pyramid of Unas, if open, we will have a spiritual highlight for our own spiritual transformation, a brief study of an important scriptural writing on the wall (yes, we will literally read the writing on the wall), that expounds on how we should view our relationship between our ego-personality, represented by the divinity Set, and our Higher Self, represented by the divinity Heru.

The Sphinx at Giza is the quintessential symbol of the goal of the mystic life, Spiritual Enlightenment, Nehast. It symbolizes what the Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Sages called Sema Tawi, what Eastern, and now generally accepted in western culture also, calls Yoga, union of the Higher Self and lower self. This is the iconographical expression of the mystical experience of Sage Imhotep (discussed above). This Sema Tawi, Yoga, union of the Higher Self and lower self is expressed by the human head (Higher Self) with the Nemes headdress, which represents the lion mane, which originally had a Serpent at the forehead, symbolizing the Serpent Power (Arat Sekhem in Kemetic) Life Force Energy (akin to Eastern Kundalini, Prana and Chi) is activated and has risen to the Third Eye (brow), the Eye of Intuition. Depending on if the serpent from the Sphinx is in the Egyptian museum and not abroad at some other museum, we may be able to see it on our museum visit. The lower self is symbolized by the lion animal body and mane (Nemes headdress). The leonine (lion) symbolisms (headdress, body) relate to the strength of the Life Force Energy, Sekhem, and the Lioness Goddess of the Life Force Energy, Sekhmet. The lion/lioness is an animal, so this animal aspect, the lower self aspect, is being presided over by the Enlightened Consciousness. Thus, the Enlightened consciousness utilizes this purified lower self to express that Divine Will in the world. In other words, Enlightened sages, like Sage Imhotep, use their body and mind apparatus (their purified ego-personality) to operate in the world and bring forth the teachings and deeds of Enlightenment, what is referred to in the teachings as Ary Akhutu, deeds of Shining Spirit Beingness (we will see this reference on the obelisks, and also in the teachings at Abu Simbel).

Another important but little known point about the Heru M Akhet, is that it is at least 8,000-12,000 years old based on geological evidences, and possibly even older according to the records of the Ancient Egyptian/Kemetans themselves. Unfortunately, local Egyptian guides follow their training in the traditional Egyptology, which refuses to acknowledge these facts based modern scientific data, and they give the dates of traditional western Egyptologist, even though it makes no sense in terms of their timeline or scientific data. So if you are going only with an Egyptian Guide, not only will you not get the depth of spiritual knowledge I’m sharing here, but you will also get misinformation.  Thus, the Sphinx is the oldest known monumental symbol of the concept of Union of the Higher & Lower Self, what is called Yoga in the East & West, and Sema Tawi in Kemetic.

Another important spiritual mystical teaching is that with the combination of the leonine and serpentine iconographies of the Heru M Akhet, it is the oldest artifact that expresses what is called, Serpent Power, or Arat Sekhem. Arat means serpent. Serpent Power refers to the metaphysical process when the Sekhem life force energy (akin to Eastern Prana and Chi) energy of goddess Sekhmet becomes spiritually activated in a person, as part of their spiritual evolution, their spiritual awakening process. Serpent Power is akin to what in the west is called Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Energy, and has its own Kemetic iconography of the Energy Centers, called the Sefek Ba Ra, the 7 souls of Ra, what in the East & West is called the Chakras. It also has its own Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic Scriptural Foundations that we will study as part of our preparations. So, in the Kemetic spiritual tradition, it is called Arat Sekhem, the Serpent Power System. Thus, these ancient teachings encompass and can also complement and or inform the Mystic Eastern Teachings of Yoga-Vedanta and Buddhism, both of which historically had associations with Ancient Egypt/Kemet during the latter part of Ancient Egyptian history.  Our preparatory studies will also go over the basics of Arat Sekhem system, so you will have some familiarity and as we will be working with cleansing the energy centers (chakras) throughout the trip, based on the teachings at the different Temple complexes.


Day 3 – We will visit the museum and then after catch a flight to Aswan, South Egypt & North Nubia. In the museum we will see many gems, amazing artwork, but more significantly for our Theme, we will focus on those displays that instruct us about in the Ancient Egyptian teachings for spiritual evolution, how they conceptualized the ego through the Divinity Set, and the interplay with Set and Heru, the Higher Self, to evolve and unite them to become an enlightened person, and achieve Hetep/Hotep/Hpt, Divine Enlightened Peace, the Peace of Oneness, the Peace of knowing our Self as the Divine/Consciousness. We will also be able to see how the Cosmic principles, symbolized as the goddesses and gods, represent certain spiritual principles that are to be assimilated, to raise up oneself in consciousness, and how that is depicted through the different gods and goddesses.


Day 4 –

Bright and Early we will leave by bus to visit the amazing site of Abu Simbel. There are 2 main Temples on this site. The largest, the Temple of Amun-Ra, is dedicated to the Creator Spirit Divinity. The mystic highlight of this Temple is a metaphysical dissolution of the ego identity, first hall the physical body identity is sublimated, then the next the mind is sublimated, and that takes us to the holy of holies, where there is now identity with our Divinity, the Transcendental Divine Self. Our studies will be aided by our Book, EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD HIEROGLYPH TRANSLATIONS USING THE TRILINEAR METHOD Volume 5: Featuring Temple of Amun-Ra at Abu Simbel”. There are many side rooms/branches to this Temple that reinforce the teaching that there is no difference between oneself and The Supreme Transcendental Divine Self, Consciousness, known as Neberdjer in Kemetic (and as Brahman in Yoga-Vedanta). This Temple is also about Devotion to the Divine that leads to Divine Identity, that is, Spiritual Enlightenment (Nehast or Akhu in Kemetic). The smaller Nefertary Temple is dedicated to Goddess Hetheru (Hathor), who is the dynamic expression of the Creator Divinity, Ra, as Creation, and also in her own teachings, the Transcendental Divine Self also, as the cow goddess, Mehurt. This smaller but still spiritually profound Temple also is about Devotion and in the Holy of Holies, though much of the statue there is destroyed, enough remains to piece together the image that was there, and in our pre-trip preparations, we will see how also this Temple was a place for Queen Nefertary to engage in her metaphysical spiritual practices, including devotion, and also, to attain Spiritual Enlightenment, as we visit this Temple through our 360 Degree Virtual Reality site, created by my spiritual partner. There is an eye catching image as soon as one enters this Nefertary Hetheru Temple, of the divinities Heru and Set, when the principles they represent, Higher Self and lower self (now as a purified ego) are in harmony and balance, and the effect of that state of spiritual evolution on the initiate. The colossal statues of Ramses and Nefertary that affront their Temples are not signs of egoistic megalomania as the local Egyptian Guides and Egyptologists often share, but rather, the majestic expression of the personality that has attained Spiritual Enlightenment.

Of course there are other amazing features of these 2 Temples we will also discuss, how they are cut into the rock, the colossal statues, and how these Temple were relocated, etc. It has been said that they inspired Mt Rushmore in the USA.

Upon return to Aswan in the afternoon, the rest of our evening will consist of rest, dinner and a boat ride on the Nile, and if time permits, some shopping!



Day 5–

We will visit the Philae Temple to Goddess Aset (Isis of the Greeks). She is the Goddess of Intuitional Wisdom, which is when the Serpent Power Energy has risen to the 3rd Eye, the Eye of Intuition. So, even though this is a late period Polemic (Greek-Roman) Temple, the teachings are in line with the teachings of earlier times in Kemet. So this Temple is very special to us, located on its own island, we sail on the Nile to get there. The Nile waters symbolizing the primeval ocean of oneness, which in the Kemetic Anunian Creation myth, the Creator created the Nun, the primeval ocean, and Creation and all in creation came out of that ocean of Divine Consciousness. So Goddess Aset, the intuitional wisdom, is the capacity to re-discover the underlying oneness of all things, all Creation, as that Creator Divinity, and then even transcend that to discover Neberdjer, the Transcendental All Encompassing Divine Spirit, Cosmic Consciousness, analogous to Brahman in Eastern Yoga-Vedanta. So, she is the Goddess of Enlightenment, and is also known as Akhu, Shining Spirit Being, which an Enlightened person becomes also. It means also having vision with the Eye of Intuition that has knowledge of one’s Divine Identity, while at the same time, carrying on in the world as a human being, essentially becoming an Enlightened Sage. We will focus on one or two panels with our translations of the teachings being given in the Holy of Holies. There is also a small Temple to the Goddess Hetheru (Hathor) on this Aset (Isis) Temple complex, as these two goddesses are aspects of each other, that is, both their teachings must be integrated for effective spiritual evolution. Thus, there is likewise a Temple to Goddess Aset (Isis) in Hetheru’s (Hathor’s) Dendera Tempe complex. I will share the myth of Goddess Hetheru when we are at this Temple, as the myth describes Hetheru as returning to Philae.  Likely the priests and priestesses carried out reenactments of this myth at both Temples. This current Temple is built on sites of much more ancient Temples, which was a common practice in Kemet.

There are so many important mythic and mystic aspects of this Temple, so our pre-trip studies will facilitate our process here. We do have two books on Goddess Aset, the Mysteries of Isis, and the Mysteries of Ra and Isis. If you really want to have a deeper understanding to “plug” in at a deeper mystical level to the Temple during the visit, the books will certainly facilitate this process. We also have online and via phone access (FREE), Temple Devotional Services based on both the main myth, the Asarian Resurrection (African Religion Volume 4 mentioned previously) and the Mysteries of Isis and Ra. Just email me if you would like info, and also this info is shared when you register.

In the afternoon, we will take a trip to Elephantine Island, the temple of the Neteru Khnum, Satet and Anket. Khnum is a creator “potter” divinity, that molds humans into form. We will study a teaching of the great Kemetic Sage, Amenemopet when we are here, translated and the deeper meaning brought forth in greater measure by my spiritual partner, Dr Muata Ashby in his contextual translation. It relates to allowing our own Khnum spiritual energy to “remold” us, cutting out (metaphorically) the parts are egoistic. As stated previously, the Gods and Goddesses, the Neteru, symbolize subtle spiritual principles of energies that assist the metaphysical spiritual processes that occur in the deeper levels of the mind, away from our conscious awareness. Psychologically, these deeper recesses of the mind relate to the unconscious mind which stores our egoistic impressions that compel and impel our egoistic thoughts and behaviors. So what this Khnum energy does, when offered devotion (awareness, attention, affirmation, intention), is that it remodels the personality, like a sculptor, removing “excess” impurities that are not supposed to be there, that is, removing the egoistic impressions that are not part of the “who we really are”, Spirit. The two goddess, his wife and their daughter, represent his dynamic aspects and movement of the Serpent power Life Force Energy, which is represented by this Temple being at the beginning of the Nile as it flows into Egypt from Nubia, thus, the spiritual reflection is that Khnum controls the flow of the life force, through the 2 goddesses (Arat Sekhem, Kundalini yoga in the east), and being devoted to Khnum, allows the removal of obstacles to the flow of the Life Force Energy, and allows raising of consciousness, spiritual evolution. If you are familiar with Kundalini yoga, the Sushumna, Ida and Pingila nadis, then you can appreciate the mythic and mystic correlation, Khnum being the Sushumna nadi, and the 2 Goddesses representing the nadis labeled ida and pingala in the Eastern-Kundalini system, through which the prana flows upward to bestow spiritual awakening, raising up in consciousness.

Again very profound. No guide will share this with you! Profound teachings, profound reflections, profound experiences! So this will be an amazing reflection for cleansing and removing obstacles to the flow of our spiritual energy, so that we can raise up our consciousness. I will also share a mythic story related to Devotion to the Divinity Khnum when we are there to augment the profound teachings of the power of Devotion to the Divine as a spiritual practice.



Day 6 –

We will leave Aswan by bus for Edfu and the Temple of Heru. Being on bus, with our own group, means that we get to spend extended time at this Temple. Normally, on the cruises, the time is very limited, and most other tours only visit the Temples for short periods of time. We will have an extended time to explore and appreciate the important teachings of this Temple. This Temple is known for its panels that show the famous mythical battle of the gods Heru and Set. But many visitors to this Temple do not understand the profundity of what they are seeing, for spiritual transformation and specifically about defeating/conquering egoism in the personality, in order to not have to reincarnate again (what the Kemetic sages called Uhem Ankh), and more significantly, to attain Enlightenment, which is represented here as Heru Behudet (also called Ur Wadjet or the Greeks called it the Uraeus, the serpent{s} on the brow). I have not yet discussed it, but one mythic aspect of the divinity Heru symbolizes the Spiritual Aspirant who is striving to attain Enlightenment, and being obstructed by Set, the impure ego, egoism, at every step of the way, and how Heru must do battle with Set, assisted by Goddess Aset (Isis, Goddess of Intuitional Wisdom). Do you see the profound spiritual mysticism here? Intuitional wisdom assists Spiritual Aspiration (Heru) to defeat Set (egoism) and attain “All Encompassing Divinity” knows as Heru Behudet, and spiritual Enlightenment. Thus, Heru is victorious and attains the state of Akhu, being born of Aset, who is Akhu, Shining Spirit Being. And further, this is the guaranteed destiny of the spiritual journey of every aspirant, to be victorious! Beautiful isn’t it! Mythic, mystic, psycho-spirituality philosophy. So, with some more recent translations of some of the scenes on this Temple by my spiritual partner, the additional time here will be very worthwhile, allowing us to engage in these studies and reflections and also have free time to explore the Temple, for your personal moments.

After the Temple visit, we will transfer to our hotel, and after an early dinner, we will visit the Luxor Temple, which is open at night. There are many aspects to this Temple…some researchers have studied it for 15 years, to gain insights.  Our main focus will be three main areas. One relates to sublimation of sexual energies and redirecting that energy to raise our consciousness, here specifically relating to the 2nd and 3rd energy centers (Sefek Ba Ra, Chakras).

The second focus also relates to the 2nd but also the 3rd energy center, and also the 4th. The panel teaches about the relationship between your human father, and your Spiritual Divine Father, here as Amun Ra, relative to your birth, and the spiritual significance of this relative to your True Spiritual Identity. So we will have a cleansing reflection for our relationships with our fathers (we will have a similar one for our mothers at the Temple of Asar in Abydos), to understand the role they are to have in our lives, how we are to think of them and relate to them, as spiritual aspirants, so that we can evolve spiritually to know our Divine Source, the father or source of all in Creation, including the source of our human father, as the Divine.

Our 3rd focus will be in the Holy of Holies. We will read and reflect on a panel that details a ritual of making an offering of our purified ego-personality to the Divine, asking to switch out the ego identity for Divine Identity, our True Essence. Very profound! So it’s a ritual propitiation for transposing egoism and ego identity to instead know our True Self, and it invokes the breath/breath work, and experiencing the Bliss, remaining abidingly happy as our Spiritual True Transcendental Divine Self, Consciousness. Upon registering, you will have access to a weekly meditation that I offer based on this Ritual that was performed in the Holy of Holies. So you will have a foundation to engage in silent reflection and engage deep breathing as you read the sacred scripture and its translation. If we at the Temple, we are able to do so as a group, out loud, we will, but at least we can do it silently, individually. We will conclude the evening before the Temple closes with photos, taking advantage of the beautiful lighting up of the Temple columns. We are usually the last tour group to exit the Temple!


Day 7 –

We will visit Karnak Temple in Luxor, again with Extended time, not the usual in and out of the regular tour groups. This is a huge Temple complex also dedicated to the Divine Self as Amun Ra. Here he will have a focus on several teachings and iconographies in the main hypostyle areas, related to the purified ego, the lower self and the Higher Self blessing the Royal Personality, as well as an image of the initiate touching the feet of the Divine, similar is seen in the Eastern traditions with the with aspirants touching the feet of the Guru. We will see an image of the Kemetic Caduceus, and much more.

After this visit, we will travel to the Mortuary Temple of Queen and PerAah (Pharaoh) Hatshepsut. She is another inspiring personality within the African American Cultural & General Spiritual Communities, as a symbol of female reverence and empowerment, as she is idealized as a great female Per Aah (Pharaoh) leader. Her Temple is an architectural wonder. And especially significant for us are the Temple and displays to the Goddess Hetheru (Hathor), the goddess of Creation and dynamic expression of the Creator, Goddess of Destruction of the unrighteous (that is, egoism), and teacher of the path to regain memory of one’s True Divinity, and return “home” to our True Transcendental Self. Hathor depicts herself as suckling milk at the teat of Hetheru in her cow form, the cow udder full of milk, symbolizing being nourished with the FULLNESS of the Divine, the fullness of Spirit, the fullness of knowing oneself to be ALL THERE IS, the fullness of Enlightenment. There is much here in this Temple.  Our Egyptian Guide, Adam and I will share many details with about her expedition to Punt, and the bringing back of frankincense and myrrh, which is also documented in Temple. As in the Temple of Amun Ra at Luxor Temple, Hatshepsut, demonstrates how an idealized aspirant is to think of her/his parentage, here the focus is on her father, that her (and thus, the initiates that studied in the Temple) Divine Father is Amun Ra, Spirit, Consciousness. In the evening we will travel to the papyrus store to shop, and also either at midday or also evening, we will travel to Aboudi Book and Gift shop for souvenirs.



Day 8 –

We will leave Luxor on our sojourn to Abydos, but stopping and once again, spending EXTENDED TIME that the huge Temple Complex of Goddess Hetheru (Hathor) in Dendera. I shared above already about Goddess Hetheru in Days 5 and 7. Sekhmet, the Life Force Energy Serpent Power Goddess is an aspect of Goddess Hetheru (Hathor). So, here we will focus on the activated “Serpent Power” rooms, that are 2 rooms packed with images of the Restoration and Resurrection of Asar, the Soul. In the Asarian myth, the Soul when it comes into incarnation on the earth is as if killed by the ego, so in the myth, Set (egoism) kills Asar (Soul) who was the King of Egypt, and usurps the throne as King. So the ego usurps the seat (throne) of the Soul. It’s a spiritual identity theft! The ego becomes the “I am”, and feels the mind-body ego personality to be the true Self. So then, the aspirant, as the Neteru Heru, spiritual principle of Aspiration and Redeemer of the Soul (mythically his father Asar) must battle with Set, egoism, to regain the throne (symbol of goddess Aset and thus, intuitional wisdom or knowledge of one’s True Divine Consciousness Self) and redeem Asar (Heru’s father, the Soul) so that Asar, the Soul can be revived and made whole again. Mystically, this relates to the aspirant’s experience of the Soul once again as being whole, that is, the aspirant knows her/himself as the Transcendental Divine, which alone is, and not the ego. So, these scenes document the metaphysical processes and experiences that go on in the deep recesses of the mind which the conscious mind is not aware of, but which expresses through the personality as spiritual evolution and being raised in consciousness. These images represent the subtle metaphysical movements of the energies that these divinities (Neteru) represent when one engages in authentic integral mystic spiritual practice. We will discuss the main divinities that are involved in the images, and what they represent in terms of cosmic principles or forces. Also at this Temple are large images of 2 of the Tjef Sema Paut Neteru Egyptian Yoga Exercise Postures, with Goddess Nut depicting the forward bend pose, and the God Geb depicting the Plough posture, symbolizing digging deep into the unconscious to cleanse the egoistic impressions, and raise our consciousness up to the heavens (Higher Self).



Day 9 & 10–

We will be at the Temple of Asar (Osiris) in Abydos, where the Temple is so close to our amazing hotel, that as I put it, we can fall out of bed and be at the Temple! Well it’s not that close, but still, only about 2 blocks of walking distance (and can get transportation if needed).

We will have 2 intensive days of studying the spiritual journey as presented by the architecture of this Temple, from the level of a Novice aspirant that is just coming into spiritual commitment to the Temple, to the attainment of Enlightenment and even beyond that, integrating that Enlightenment into the purified ego-personality, to allow that Divine consciousness to express through the personality.

We will focus on some key areas and panels, including the purification wells, the holographic offering of the inimical forces of the personality to the Divine, and what this means for self-forgiveness and self-acceptance, and the importance for spiritual evolution. Also here we will read a panel that discusses how goddess Aset is your mother and how you will birth your Akhu, that is your enlightened consciousness, through her. We will study and discuss the divinity Maat as the ultimate truth to be experienced as your Transcendental Self.  We will study and discuss the concept of MENCH, sculpting your Higher Divine Self. We will study the Serpent power, and so much more. Our studies will be aided by our Book, Temple of the Soul Initiation Philosophy in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos, by my spiritual partner Dr Muata Ashby, which I edited. This over 600 page text provides translations and contextual meanings of panels and images throughout the Temple, from the time we enter the Temple complex, to the study hall where Enlightenment occurs, to the study hall where the Soul is resurrected, and to the Spiritual Rebirth room to the Holy of Holies. Then also we will allow you some free time for your personal spiritual process. Optional for those who want to, there will also be a visit to the nearby Temple of Ramses, where the images of the Divine Procession bringing offerings for the Temple and other panels are still depicted in color still. The hotel in Abydos should allow us a conference room for meetings at night for discussion, and other “processes.” And the open courtyard should allow us the opportunity to engage in the practice of the TSPN Egyptian Yoga Exercise postures.



Day 11 and 12 are Travel days. Day 11 we will leave Abydos for Luxor, to take a flight to Cairo. Then to relax and prepare for a very early wake up to go the airport for the flight back to the USA.

So, as you can see, our trip is about the Wisdom Teachings of the Ancient Sages-Priests and Priestesses, and what they can offer us for our spiritual evolution towards the attainment of Enlightenment. We give thanks and appreciation for these Enlightened beings, that even to this day the roadmap they have left us is still applicable and effective, for our own Spiritual Enlightenment. And if we understand the teachings and know how to apply them, they will lead us to our goal of life, to discover our True Identity, as the Transcendental Divine Self, Neberdjer (Kemet), Consciousness, analogous to Brahman (Yoga-Vedanta). There are so many other aspects and experiences of our trip, so many other gems, that are just too many to share here, and some are yet unknown even to myself, as they will come forth based on the dynamics of our “Mystic Trip Family.” But I just wanted to give you an idea of what our trip will be like, the uniqueness of it, as we experience Spiritual Awakening through the Mystic Teachings of the Temples of Kemet, we invite you to join us.

Peace and Blessings

Seba Dja Un Nefert

Dr Karen Dja Clarke-Ashby







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