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Special webinar programs. You may join a membership that includes the video presentation you select and each presentation includes a discussion forum where you can:

  • comment and see the comments of others and also
  • communicate with others who have seen the program or are following the teaching presented in that program.
  • Bonus material may be added to the discussion forum where you may see a related ebook or audio or other related materials to augment


Monthly Subscription to Book of the Dead Chapter 44: The Amun Witnessing Consciousness Reflection and Meditation Wisdom for Enlightenment and Immortality (Cancel at any time)

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Monthly Subscription to 2016 Neterian Conference Lectures and Bonus Materials: Topic: Maat Philosophy in the Book of the Dead and Applying that wisdom to face the challenges of the world to purify the unconscious and discover enlightenment and immortality (Cancel at any time)
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