A Kemetic Resolution Message for the new Year from Sebai MAA

We have just concluded another inspiring and humbling Neterian Conference and Festival so praises are due to spirit and appreciations are due to all participants for making the experience a memorable one once again. This is a message that reflects on where we have been and the possibilities for moving forward in the future. Below are some pictures from the Meditation Sessions conducted by Sebai MAA and the general session.

Picture from 2013 neterian conference meditation session

Picture from 2013 neterian conference meditation session2

Above: some images from the just concluded 2013 Neterian Conference and Festival

“Help your friends with the things that you have, for you have these things by the grace of God. If you fail to help your friends, one will say “you have a selfish KA”. One plans for tomorrow, but you do not know what tomorrow will bring. The right Soul is the Soul by which one is sustained. If you do praiseworthy deeds your friends will say “welcome” in your time of need.”
-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

As demonstrated in the new book Maat Versus Fascism and the Police State, we are now living in a corporate fascist police state and facing constant surveillance and loss of the capacity to protest freely. We are facing the likely economic collapse of the USA and world economy due to massive fraud and corruption, that will make the Great Depression pale in comparison. We are facing further deterioration of healthcare as processed foods and pollution continue to be produced for profit without regard for the health and wellbeing of humanity and the environment. We are facing the possible major disaster at the Fukushima power plant that will affect the entire world ecology and world economy. So what does this mean for the Neterian community? It is easy to feel depressed, sorrowful or disheartened and also despair. How should Neterians think, feel and act? Where do we go from here?

“The dastardly spirit of the timorious betrays them to shame. By shrinking under poverty, they stoop down to meanness; and by timely bearing insults they invent injuries…..In the hour of danger, they are embarrassed and confounded: in the day of misfortune they sink and despair overwhelms their Soul.”
-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Is this a time to shrink from the challenges and cower in fear at the apparently insurmountable troubles of the world? Is this the time to shrug shoulders or throw the hands up in defeat and say it is in God’s hands?

As Neterians we should know that essentially we are manifestations of God, and that our ethical wisdom, Maat, requires that we make an effort to follow and promote truth and balance in the world in order to discover and establish balance and order in the world. Even if we do this in our small corner of the world we are benefiting ourselves, our families and communities and indeed we are making the world a better place by doing so. Thus, whether others choose to be positive and proactive does not mean that we cannot be.

Now is the time to stop living in a delusion that everything will be fine and just continue life as it has been, thinking you or your children will get a job or a college degree and everything will work out and things will turn up as before; that you will have children and they will grow up in a wonderful world or that you will fall in love with the perfect partner, have a wedding of your dreams and everything will turn out fine. Now is the time to stop watching non-sensical television shows, the deceptive corporate media news and move away from lying politicians and the corrupt economic system; stop buying into, participating in and supporting the corporate, capitalist neo-liberal ideas of exploitation of nature and of people as a viable and ethical way of life. Now is the time to dispel delusions about how we as individuals cannot do anything since the world is going down the tubes anyway. Now is the time to live by truth [MAAT] and allow Maat to lead us to enlightenment.

“It takes a strong disciple to rule over the mountainous thoughts and constantly go to the essence of the meaning; as mental complexity increases, thus will the depth of your decadence and challenge both be revealed.”
-Ancient Egyptian Proverb

Facing the truth, like Heru had to, means realizing we are instruments of God and we act in accordance with the precepts of wisdom and truth that is Maat, and then let God(dess) handle it from there! Now is the time to study the books and other resources that have been already given to understand and then cope with these issues in the best way possible. Find out what actions can be taken to secure yourself, family and community and meet other persons are concerned with the same issues, so you can coordinate and complement your efforts with theirs. If there is no one in your area then how can you connect with others? If your area is not safe, or you cannot survive there, then how can you get to better areas in order to meet the challenges ahead? Now is the time to move towards simplicity and not complexity, towards self-sufficiency and not dependence on the economy and on corrupt politics and towards frugality and not opulence.

“Complexity is the decadence of society; simplicity is the path of reality and salvation.”

“When opulence and extravagance are a necessity instead of righteousness and truth, society will be governed by greed and injustice.”
-Ancient Egyptian Proverbs

During and after the crises pass there will be much turmoil and many will suffer and some will not survive for lack of wisdom and being caught up in the delusions of life. Later there may be an opportunity to fundamentally change governments and economies and there too, those who survive in a strong position will have the chance to put forth more righteous and just systems that promote life and truth instead of death and delusion. Until then it is incumbent upon you to inform yourself about these issues and then determine what actions are appropriate.

Now is the time to resolve to renew your initiatic vows, so as to discover spiritual strength and the peace of the inner world that the scripture speaks about, regardless of what may come to pass in the world of time and space. Now is the time to resolve to be a better follower of Shetaut Neter, to strive to be a model aspirant, to practice your shedy disciplines more regularly, to be more forgiving and understanding of yourself and others, and to stand up for sanity, justice and peace in all quarters. Now is the time to be more diligent in seeking good association with other advancing followers, the refuge of the temple and the wisdom of its teaching. Now is the time to realize that the world of time and space is changeable, volatile and traitorous, so it cannot be trusted to provide peace, happiness, security or prosperity. Therefore, now is the time to move towards what can be trusted, what has stood the test of thousands of years, towards what can lead you to inner peace, health and contentment in your personal, family and occupational endeavors. Take this new year as an opportunity to lead a fuller Neterian lifestyle and see the benefits it will bring and how prepared you will be for the challenges ahead, whether eventualities occur this year or beyond. Take this time to apply what you learned at the conference, to understand the myths, and sing and chant their wisdom, to transform the mind and create a higher reality based on truth and glory, as our ancestors did it…let it be so today…

Peace and blessings to all…

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