New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -Chapter 1: Principle of Mind– Conclusion, Meditation and Q and A



Sebai MAA: Hetep. (four times) Response (four times)

We will have a brief meditation on the first teaching of the Kybalion. The universe is mental. All is mind.

Closing your eyes, sitting with your back straight, allowing your abdomen to expand as you breathe in, allowing it to contract towards your spine as you breathe out. Right now we are going to concentrate on being aware of the present.

This will be a guided meditation. Wisdom meditations are always guided meditations. Reflections on the wisdom teachings, leading to a one pointed reflection on a single thought. Breathing in …., one, two, three, four. Breathing out …., One, two, three, four. Being aware of the breath as it comes in and out of the body. Be aware of the posture, the position in which you are sitting, being aware of the room that you are in and the sounds that you can hear. Be aware of your body the way it feels. Are you tired? Are you energetic? Are you excited?

These are forms of thought, this is your mind perceiving this limited reality of the universe. Coming to a little bit
deeper awareness, let us be aware now of that which in you which is aware of those sense perceptions, the I am in you.

That is the higher reality, the deeper reality. Consider that when your body is experiencing or when it is not experiencing. Both those times you are still experiencing, you are aware of not experiencing. So therefore awareness is the higher principle, the higher reality within you and you are aware in your mind. So therefore you are more mind than body, you are not the body, you are not the senses, not the physical world. Not things you derive pleasure for, from, or things that you hate. You are none of those things.

Most people think their mind and body are one and the same, that their mind-body is their personality. If you learn the reality of this teaching, you can begin to have an existence that transcends time and space, meaning that you live in your higher self, the higher self that experiences through your mind. You cease to externalize yourself and lose yourself to the world of time and space, which leads to all the miseries of life. In your mind nothing can touch you, nothing can hurt you, nothing can take anything away. You can have everything and since the world is a reflection of everything that you are, you can have everything in the world of time and space also. If you only realize that all is Mind, the universe is Mental. In this sense the universe is a mental projection of the mind of God, the All Mind, which if you can discover, becomes your reality also and thus you become one with the source of that projection.

Think of the thoughts that are coursing through your mind, the voice, the sound that you are hearing acts like an anchor to guide you through this meditation. But if I was to cease talking for a minute, where would your thoughts lead you?

Attempt now for the next minute to reflect on the teaching you have just heard. As you continue breathing, allow your abdomen to expand, as you breathe in, contract in towards your spine now as you breathe out. Continue now that awareness, I am Mind and all is Mind.

If the Mind strays it is because you have not understood fully that you are the awareness in the mind, the controller of the Mind, you have lost yourself in the world of time and space. And you can think great philosophy, but thinking is not reality, awareness is the higher reality, awareness that all is Mind. So therefore reflect that all the thoughts that pass through your mind, all of these are projections, projections that you have created, but who is the Creator. Don’t attempt to stop the thoughts, allow them to just go on, but just become aware of them. Aware that you are the one who is aware of them. And practice in this way, allowing yourself to strengthen that awareness, not holding on to any thoughts, dreams or fantasies. Concentrating on the fact that you are the witnessing consciousness. Om hetep, hetep, hetep.

(Response) Hetep.

Those who want to follow the path of wisdom, this is a wisdom meditation, such as we would practice in the Temple of Aset and in the Temple of Djehuty also. Those who want to follow this practice, should continue in this way, as we will continue with the teaching of the Kybalion next time, and expand on this first principle.


QUESTION. The Question is, one of the things that I said that order is an artificial construction of the mind. It is a concept created by the mind and if that is so, why is it so important to become orderly or to study the order of nature, in order to discover the meaning of the universe, or the higher reality behind the nature of the universe.

Sebai MAA: One of the answers to this Question comes from the creation myth itself. In the Anunian, actually all of the creation myth contains this. The Anunian creation myth, the Menefer creation myth, and other Kemetic/Neterian (Ancient Egyptian) creation myths tell about how, in the beginning there was undifferentiated consciousness and then that undifferentiated consciousness became differentiated into the forms of Creation. The analogy is of water; the primordial consciousness, that brought existence into being through cosmic mind is likened to water.

Undifferentiated consciousness is like water in the sense that if you put water in your freezer and you put it in the ice tray you can make little ice cubes; now you are conditioning the water; the water is taking on a particular form it will hold as long as the temperature stays cold enough. You are bringing order to the water. If you let the water warm up it will go back to its original state, it goes back to its undifferentiated state, the amorphous state. Anything and everything that can perceive with mind in the world of time and space has been conditioned into a form but in reality it is composed of coagulated consciousness. Your thoughts are the same, composed of undifferentiated consciousness but given form by your desires, opinions, feelings, etc. However, as soon as you condition your thoughts, they start to revert to the unconditioned state, that’s what we are talking about so you have to hold them with your will, with your feelings, thoughts, desires, etc. In the world also, no matter how solid thoughts, desires or worldly objects may appear to be, no matter how abiding they may appear to be, they eventually go back to the undifferentiated state. And that is the original state, that is the underlying state. But the objects of nature can persist for a long time just as the perception of worldly objects by the human mind can persist but that persistence in the human mind is due to ignorance and desire. So once ignorance and desire subside then too the persistence of the perception of the objects of time and space as real and abiding also subsides and thereby a human being can discover a reality that transcends the apparent, though illusory solid appearance of time and space reality. Therefore, time and space is a relative reality and not an abiding reality because it is relative to a different time and space, the mental time and space. But the mental time and space is also relative to something that transcends time and space altogether and that is the ultimate and abiding goal.

Now nature has been conditioned in such a way, that it can become a teacher for human beings and that is one of the functions of nature, is to be a teacher of this philosophy, of this understanding. Nature also gives a venue for human life to exist. Think about it, if the sun did not consistently keep on shining, if the sun was not continually turning and you get period of darkness, a period of light. If the moon was not in its position, to keep the world steady, the world would be wobbling all over the place. If there was no order to these things, there would be no capacity to, no ability to learn the wisdom of the underlying essence of nature.

What I’m saying may sound a little bit paradoxical. What I’m getting at is…, lets say that I’m telling you to study a book, find any subject, study a book on history, but I tell you, while you are studying the book, turn around in a circle.

How can you turn around while you are trying to read the book. No you have to stop, you have to sit down, you have to take it orderly and read and then you can start to understand if you are in chaos, if you are in the undifferentiated state.

What are you going to understand from something else. What are you going to understand about yourself if you are diffused with everything else. There has to be a certain order, you have to have a demarcation line, you have to put this next to this and how this relates to that. If everything is undifferentiated, everything is related, everything is homogenous.

And even though that is the original state, actually it is the continuing underlying state even now though it is not perceived with the gross and ignorant mind, nevertheless, you have to come to some kind of order before you can come to understand that, as a human being using a human mind. You can’t understand the undifferentiated state, which is amorphous, unconditioned, disorganized, etc. without coming to an order, in other words, in the mind, in the way of thinking and understanding. Once there is proper understanding, then it is possible to reflect back and then to be able to see what that undifferentiated state is. So it is necessary for an aspirant to gain an appreciation for the whole philosophy and step away from individual objects just as an artist painting a picture, if she stands two inches from the picture, can’t see the picture; She has to separate, to detach, to put some distance between herself and the picture in order to gain some perspective and discern the order of how things fit with other things on the canvas and see the order that she wants to discover in the artwork. Separation is order in this sense because the separation causes the opposites to come into being. When she is close to the canvas she is as if one with it and cannot see the whole because when is on top of it and one with it. When she steps away from the canvas, then she is separating from the object and thereby causing opposites to come into existence, herself and the object, the canvas.

If you are together with the object, then you can’t discern it, because you are one with it. Without a mirror, how can you see yourself. Because you are contained within yourself. Nobody can see their own face, have you ever seen your own face, really, except for a mirror. Nobody can see their own face, because it is all you. You can see other people’s faces. But think about it …, if you had your face right in front of somebody else’s face, can you see their face, no you can’t, you are going to see a part of it if anything. So there has to be that order that separation and with the understanding that, that order and that separation, that duality, is illusory, it is temporal and transient, it is limited.

All that appears to be going on, at the end of another billion or two years, the sun will stop shining, all of this will dissolve and go back to its state where it came from before the sun came into being. So what does that mean. And speaking from a cosmic point of view, the order of the universe, is created and sustained by God. And to God all of this is as if not really happening. It is happening like say in an instant. All of these billions of years that we experience, they occur for God in an instant. So actually, the closer you raise your consciousness to God consciousness, the more you realize that, you realize that this is actually not even happening now, as we speak. It appears to be happening but if you realize that something is not real and therefore, not happening in its beginning or in its end, then it is also to be realized that it never happened in the middle of when it appeared to be happening, just as upon waking up you realize that a dream you had during the night was not real and never happened, even though it seemed real and compelling while it was being experienced during the night.

What I’m getting at is that, you come from a standpoint of ignorance as an aspirant and you begin to learn this teaching, that the world is an illusion and time doesn’t exist, doesn’t really happen and all of this kind of thing. You can’t follow it right now, because you’re just coming into it, you are just trying to get over the conditioning that you have in you, the illusory and so on and so forth. Let’s say in another year or two or ten, you do realize it fully. That’s like waking up and seeing your dream, your life, this world of time and space, the politics, the history, your family, your desires, your personality, etc. didn’t exist because they were merely forms changing in time and space, forms composed of transcendental and immortal consciousness that coagulated into those forms temporarily and you held those forms together based on your ignorance and desires. Your dream is an illusion, it is something that appear to be happening but didn’t really. It appeared to be real while it was happening and if you realized that at the end of your dream, that means that the periods during your dream and before your dream were/are also illusory.

So think about the dimensions, implications, the ramifications of these teachings. And you have to train yourself, through the disciplines that have been discussed in order to have that realization. You have to live the life of virtue, you have to study and apply yourself and so on and so forth. And part of that is bringing a certain degree of order to your life. The people who want to be free and happy go-lucky and you know, don’t want to go to work, just want to hang out at the beach, that’s not being …, discovering the undifferentiated state of the spirit. That’s loafing in the world of time and space, that is just hanging out.

So a differentiation has to be made and only enlightened people are able to be free and happy go-lucky and to have this truly relaxed awareness of life. Otherwise you are always going to be in tension to some degree. Remembered we said in a few lectures before, faith is the first step that allows you to start relinquishing some of that anguish, worry and anxiety and so on and so forth. But that will not free you fully, faith alone cannot free you fully, only understanding can do that, only enlightenment can do that. Remember we did that in the lecture. Okay that’s it for today.


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