New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -The Principle of Cause and Effect Pt. 1B


The story of your life has not been written and yet the plot of your life, the general parameters of your life are controlled by your Karmic basis, your Ariu, your actions of the past; your thoughts of the past; your desires so on so forth. As we saw in the story of Akbar, you can change your fate by changing your Ariu and that means changing the contents of your unconscious mind by changing your actions of today and going forward by following the teachings of this principle of the Kybalion, the teachings of Ma’at; Acting with righteousness which means acting by truth as best you understand it or as your capacity to understand and act based on truth progresses, evolves in your life. Since you are essentially one with Ra you can change the course of the effects in your life by changing the cause in your life. All ignorant people who are not enlightened are controlled by this process, by these causes, their moods, their feelings, their emotions, their desires so on so forth, in a virtually endless cycle of cause and effect that will continue until broken by maturing spiritual aspiration. Those people who are governed in this way have no free will. Those who understand the law of cause and effect and have developed the will to live by truth instead of the ego driven desires, can change their life. This means leading oneself out of the realm of time and space and spiritual ignorance (absence of the knowledge of self) and thus being out of the jurisdiction controlled by the law of cause and effect causation.

Somebody dying and resurrecting from the dead and so on so forth. Somebody falling out of a parachute that doesn’t know and they fall to the ground and they bounce off the earth. Another person in another country they fall and they splatter all over the place, their body disintegrates. Why is that? Oh it’s just something that happens and it’s strange we can’t explain it. That is what worldly people say about unexplained events. From the perspective of aryu, cause and effect, the answer is evident. If there is no cause to allow an effect the effect cannot occur, so a person cannot die unless the aryu, the cause, dictates that it can occur.

“Death comes when the purpose of living is fulfilled; death shows what the reason for living was.” -EP

The vertical grooves on the Horemakhet, the Great Sphinx what caused that? Oh, we don’t know we hope to find some answers to that one day, we don’t understand what could possibly do that. We know that it happens because of rain and we know that it rained 10-12 thousand years ago in that part of Africa but we must have some different kind of cause that we must search for. It has to be something else because that means that the Great Sphinx is at least 10-12 thousand years old, making Ancient Egyptian (African civilization) older than any civilization in history with wisdom and longevity unparalleled in human history. People who are governed by their moods, desires, ideologies, and their ignorance instead of the search for truth, these are people who are controlled by the laws. The laws control them. They are controlled. The Kybalion explains this as pawns on a chess game. They are moved in other words. There is somebody moving them. They do not move themselves. They may like to think that they are in control of their lives, and yet it is impossible. You may be thinking you are a smart person, you may think that you are a worldly person, you know about the world and all of this kind of thing but the unconscious impressions that are constantly impelling you, you have no idea about them, where they came from, what they are, how to neutralize them. You think that you are living your life and your thoughts are your own. If somebody were to come and tell you contrary-wise you would not be able to act on their statement. You are a chain smoker and somebody tells you and they actually bring you on a dish, a platter, they show you a piece of lung from a smoker of twenty years and you see it is all black and you are told that person died of lung cancer. Yet, you say, wow that is interesting. Smoking is definitely bad for you. I’ve got to stop one day. They go on, they are not obviously in control. They are far from the cause; they are living in the effect. They are like on the surface of the ocean, waves are the effect and the depth of the ocean are where the movements come to meet the waves on the surface; a bubbling up of the unconscious impressions of the mind comes up to the surface. An aspirant in order to master the law of cause and effect must go to the source of the causes and that is in your unconscious mind. You must purify and eradicate those Aris, those impressions. By understanding the world through all this wisdom you prevent new Karmic impressions from forming that are going to impel you in the future. The Kybalion explains that this is done by consciously discovering and becoming one with the law itself; this is what the teaching of Maat, Ankhu Maat means. Remember the Maat chant that we’re coming back to the beginning of our program today. Maat, Ankhu Maat – Maat is the source of life. Cha Hena Maat – Rising with Maat, or the day, the beginning of the day with Maat. Ankh Hena Maat – Living with Maat. Maat is everywhere- Maat Neb-bu-ten. Finally Cha Sema Maat – uniting with Maat. You are one with the Law itself. You become one with the cause itself and then you are not controlled by the cause, you become the causer. You have come from the surface to the bottom, the innermost point. Just like we discussed previously when a wheel is turning, the outside of the wheel seems to be turning very fast. If you were to stand in the country of Ecuador where the equator passes through, you would realize that you are actually moving about a thousand miles per hour, that is how fast the Earth is spinning at its equator, on itself. If you go to the polar region, go to the North Pole or the South Pole you are turning but you are turning extremely slow, maybe like a mile per hour, whatever it is. You are turning on yourself, like a top, very slowly. If you go to the very center of that movement you realize that there is no movement theoretically, if you study your geometry, you are at the very point of the center.

You see how all of the laws, the law of rhythm, the law of vibration, all of these are coming together. You come to understand the cause as the Kybalion says consciously, this is the key. If you start to understand the cosmic laws and you consciously work with those and allow yourself to be an instrument of those, become one with those you are no longer affected by them. You become one with the Creator, the ultimate cause who is controlling those cosmic forces and who is affecting the entire universe. You become the affector instead of the affectee. Only then can you have free will. Only then can you say that you are not a pawn, that you are a human being, that you are not an animal who is controlled by the forces, controlled by other people’s opinions, controlled by other people’s desires. People who are making wars and who are fighting, you can try to get in between them, you can try to reason with them, but they can not stop. They are controlled by forces that are beyond them. People who are greedy; people who are lustful all these things are forces beyond people’s control.

The Kybalion explains that one consciously becomes one with the law by seeking refuge in that law; seeking refuge in that cause. Hence we have the teaching of seeking refuge in Buddha, seeking refuge in Jesus, explaining the New Testament and the teachings of Dama Padha of Buddha; seeking refuge in the Hands of the ultimate Good Shepherd which is Asar by acting with Maat; this is the key. If you act with Maat, if your actions are permeated with Maat those actions purify your personality. They neutralize the Aris, the previous desires, thoughts, moods and feelings. If you act with Maat it tends to eradicate your erroneous egoistic concept of free will. You are consciously aligning yourself with the Cosmic Order. Cosmic Order dictates that you should not kill. If you agree with that and you act in accordance with that law you are free from the desire to kill, the desire to hate anyone. If your philosophy says it’s ok, justified to kill then you are bound by that. That is not a Cosmic law; rather, that is a egoistic, degraded social development, based on an ideology proffered by leaders who seek power and use religion or ethnic conflict to control the ignorant. Non-violence is a higher cosmic law. The cause and effect of the world, is if you kill somebody, somebody is going to come back and try to kill you and you then go and try to kill them, like the Hatfields and the McCoys or the Palestinians and the Israelis. There are many other groups that you could choose through history not just them. Cain and Abel. Look at your own life see what you are trying to kill, what you are trying to destroy. Start wondering why you are trying to destroy it. Is it possible for you to destroy it? Does it matter for you to destroy?

Illusions of the world of time and space. Do you want to continue to be caught up in those illusions? Or do you want to find out the ultimate cause for the existence of those illusions? The discovery of which immediately and absolutely frees you from them, allows you to transcend them. This is the path of sages; this is the path of aspirants who want to attain mastery. Finally coming to realize that all of these manifestations of time and space, all of these surface manifestations that you see with your senses, are actually part of a chain of events that lead you back to an ultimate cause. The ultimate cause is the one and single desire of the Divine Self, which has manifested into a myriad of forms. Those forms which interact with each other. Like a pinball game or better yet like a game of billiards. You have all of the balls on the table, playing pool, you hit one it hits a bunch of others and all kinds of different bounces and angles occur and again who brought these balls into being? Who was the one who has the stick? Who is pushing on the stick to push the balls into each other? You are there on the table and most people are like the eight ball. They are getting bounced around and they don’t know where to go, how to do it and all they see is a bunch of different colors of balls hitting each other and going back and forth. You must be learning about the cause for the existence of these balls. The stick that every once in a while comes around and starts knocking things around. The person who is behind the stick pushing on top of the table if you were to do that you would realize that you transcend the balls, the colors, the table, the stick. You are not an ethnic group, a gender, caught on a s, genders and cultures, being manipulated by those who control the balls and force them to knock into each other; if you understood what is going on you could put an end to the manipulation because it is allowed by your own ignorance. At that point you become one with the ultimate mover, the ultimate motivator, the pusher. You are not pushed anymore, you are the pushee. While you are still in the body you will see the stick coming and you will actually help yourself to place yourself in the right position to be hit by the stick, so you can go and bounce into somebody else and knock the heck out of them. You know what I’m talking about. Like some of you, you get into some of these teachings and you say, “Yeah, yeah, that’s it. I’m going to be a vegetarian now and everybody around me you are going to be a vegetarian too whether you like it or not.” You allow the stick to knock you on your behind so you can go and knock somebody else on their behind. But this is for a good cause now, though here there still needs to be tact and patience, with yourself and with others.

That is what it means when coming in line with the law. Don’t forget that if you hit somebody too hard that you are going to have a reaction. So you try to be gentle towards them, but forthright and determined, intent and allowing the world to bend you to its will but rather you bending the world to the will of the Divine. Hetep. You discover the law of cause and effect and then you become the cause instead of the effect and you will be spared the spanking of the Divine. Hetep.

Questions and Answers

Question: I guess being remind the part about Ari, the destroying of it, that suggests that whatever previous karmas or impressions that you bring into this particular lifetime that comes to bear on how you live your life now it going to determine on what your affect is going to be in this lifetime?

Answer: Yes that is exactly what it means. Your Karmic storehouse creates like a sage explained, it is like an inkpot in ancient times, or even your pen that has the ink in it all you could possibly write with that ink that is the actual work that you have control over that you can write. The ink itself is the potential. That is allowed by your previous Ari, your previous Karmic basis. Now if you are controlled by ignorance, what will come out of that ink is ignorance, it will continue in ignorance. Meaning that lets say you have grown up on a family of bigots, of racist people, that is your Karmic storehouse. They have filled you with that, and you have filled yourself with previous lifetimes and that is why you ended up in that family because you believed in those things. Or you need to learn about those things. If you have no control of your life you will write those things in your life too. You will act on those things, you will believe in those things. If you even if you have those things in your Karmic storehouse, if you turn towards Wisdom those things will be cleansed, they will be eradicated, they will be transformed. That same energy, that same potential for anger and hatred, and irrational delusion will be changed and you will write a different story. Only those people who are on the path to self mastery, only they can re-write their story, others are like animals they are like dogs or cats, they are controlled by their Karmic storehouse. You call that instinct. You can call it whatever you want but that is what their doomed to be controlled by, their Karmic storehouse. That is why the Wisdom philosophy to an aspirant is so important. The Kybalion explains also that most people are not that and therefore, they are ignorant and controlled by the forces that be, the powers that be. They can be easily duped by other people who have stronger will than theirs; and there is a similar capacity for evil or for good actually. That is why it is so dangerous when people are controlling the media who are themselves unrighteous they can control so many unrighteous, ignorant minds. Likewise this is why the leaders of society have adopted policies that lead to an ignorant population and yet you can have enlightened leaders, and you can still have great things occur and those people who seek the wisdom can arise from the degraded situation to become great people.

Question Going back to before, with as you say people who do not realize the essence of cause and effect, they are fighting wars, Catholics in Ireland, Protestants so on and so forth, it creates a vicious cycle does in order to abate or in order to? Is a full realization the cause necessary of not suffering the effect or do individuals having come to that understanding in order to break the cycle, dealing with the cycle broken or can there be a higher cause that can break any certain cycles, an earthquake comes and kills everyone else people still carry that Karma with them, but maybe the war would not necessarily go on.

Answer Ok, you answered your own Question I think. The Ari stays with them, they come into being again and they will gain peril to the same feelings the same thoughts and live in the state so you could kill everybody on Earth, they will incarnate someplace else and they will do the same thing again. That’s why the first part of your Question, is it necessary for everybody to discover the ultimate cause in order to transcend, that is ultimately true in order to eradicate the effect completely. However human beings cannot move from A to Z all in one stroke. There has to be a process, a degree of development. That is, as I was explaining occurs when a person turns toward the Laws of Maat. If you, not even believing in it or thinking about it, if you just make the resolution that I want to follow the path of Maat, if you believe in murder and killing but you stop yourself from doing it, that stopping itself is going to start transforming your Ari, your Karmic basis. It’s going to start diffusing and neutralizing your desires to kill. Eventually it is going to eradicate them. You are going to see the wisdom of non-violence and when you realize the wisdom that is the ultimate transcendence of that Karmic basis. So people don’t have to become fully enlightened in order to abate certain ari but what they have to do is act in accordance with the Laws of Maat (Righteousness). When the higher truth is fully realized then there is complete release from the ari. This is why Maat philosophy is so important. If you act with righteousness eventually it will lead you to be righteous, whether you believe it or not, whether you are a student of the philosophy or not, it leads you to a purification that allows you to intuitively discover the higher wisdom of the law.

Question: The Question is in last weeks class the Laws of Rhythm if you are basically hanging out with people who are unrighteous, how to oppose that movement, how to change that rhythm to the opposite.

Answer Essentially it is very simple, the law has been given in order to neutralize one kind of vibration or in the terms of rhythm one kind of movement that you must polarize yourself into the rhythm that you want to manifest. That simply means, putting it in very simple terms is that if you have negative association, you must have positive association to counteract that.

“Consume pure foods and pure thoughts with pure hands, adore celestial beings, become associated with wise ones: sages, saints and prophets; make offerings to GOD.” -EP

The negative association: people who eat meat; people who smoke; people who are lustful, greedy, agitated minds; fire in the belly as Sage Ani or Sage Ptah Hotep would say. Spending time with Sages, spending time with spiritual aspirants, philosophers this counter movement balances as well as eventually neutralizes the effect of the negative rhythm or negative vibration. Remember the same teachings from the Kybalion:

“To change your mood or mental state, change your vibration.”

“Mind, as matter, may be transmuted, from state to state, degree to degree, condition to condition, pole to pole, vibration to vibration. True transmutation is a Mental Art.”

Your associations are an aspect determining your vibrations, rhythims and ethical conscience. That is why it is important to have that understanding of the good association. Most people are ignorant and they think, “well, I can hang out with my brother, but my brother is a killer, or my cousin is a robber, or my friend who is a drug addict etc. But I love them and I can hang out with them and they can be doing drugs next to me and I’ll just sit there watching TV and it doesn’t effect me, it doesn’t you bother me.” Or they might say: “They could eat meat and I can be a vegetarian, we could still love each other, we could still have relations and it does not affect me.” You must understand that while this is true to a certain extent from a worldly perspective, you can be with others who do unrighteous things and resist being exactly like them, from a spiritual standpoint, unless you have fully transcended the ignorance of life you will be affected in some degree; from the standpoint of absolutely transcending these negative Karmic bindings one must be absolutely free and absolutely transcendent and that means detaching from such personalities either physically, psychologically, becoming internally detached and dispassionate, neither agreeing with them nor acquiescing to their perspectives but remaining separate even when in their company; needless to say the process of detachment is more difficult when there is physical proximity and intimate contact with such personalities. For a beginning aspirant physical proximity is a very difficult force to overcome. For instance I’ll give you a very gross example, let’s say you want to practice celibacy but you are with a partner who constantly likes to have sex everyday, 2-3 times a day, they have to be rubbing up against you and all of this kind of thing, it would be very difficult for you to practice celibacy being in this situation. You are constantly being tempted, stimulated, etc. That needs a physical discipline, a physical separation at some point yes, if you practice the discipline, you separate yourself physically you’ll actually and you’ll discover your separate from your sexuality so on an so forth. You could have fifty people voluptuous people dancing around you, rubbing against you and you’d be free from that force which ultimately comes from within that you control. In the beginning it has to be a physical discipline related to your achievement. So therefore you should shun the company of unrighteous people and you should seek the company of righteous people. Move away from unrighteous and move towards righteous.

Question Unheard

Answer Yes, we do not put it in those exact terms but the cause and effect mean that what you do comes back to you but thinking in the context of the billiard table that I gave you. When one ball hits that has an effect and there will be eventually some rhythm that the ball that does the hitting will receive from that hitting and in those terms yes[ an example of this is when the ball that started the hitting itself is hit by another ball that was struck by the ball it hit at first, and so on. However when you transcend the law of cause and effect you go beyond the worldly energies, the physical forces, you become the cause behind those physical forces. Consciousness is behind all physicality. When you become one with consciousness you become the ultimate witness of all that occurs. When that happens you become free from the causes and effect going on around you, even if you continue to be part of those events on a practical human level.

(A reading by a caller hard to hear )

Answer Your comment was a very good comment. In order to transcend the Law of Cause and Effect we must learn how to transcend the beautiful sentiments. It would be nice if everyone was holding hands and we all every evening held hands and turned towards the West and we all looked at the sunset and said, “Oh wow.” We hugged each other, and I love you and all the white people, all the black people, all the red people and green people and whoever, the Palestinians, Muslims and Israelis, we all got together and we all had so much fun and we love each other etc. That would be so wonderful it we all realized the Cosmic Laws and that is true. I have that sentiment tucked away somewhere, on a shelf somewhere. I’m not actually making fun of it but trying to give real humor because that is the only way you can live in this world because when you are achieving a higher form of consciousness you start realizing people who are caught in the delusion about life cannot, again, cannot act out of full rationality and or full positive feeling since their ego, beset with the delusion, compels them to feel, thing and act otherwise. So from a conceptual standpoint the notion of united world and world peace is admirable, commendable and worthy to be pursued since the pursuit purifies the heart if it is accomplished in a detached and dispassionate manner, without expecting it to ever happen, for the world is replete with insane personalities[ spiritual ignorance is the source of all maladies, therefore there will never be complete harmony on earth but it is possible to have a society with relative peace and harmony for most; Ancient Egypt stands as proof of that. Aspirants should not allow themselves to be deluded that it is achievable since this is the realm of constant changes and where there are always personalities of three types, lucid, agitated and dull, reside together and in all societies. So there will always be dull persons who cause trouble, especially if they get into positions of corporate or political power. So do not waste time saying if only everybody could understand and see the truth, because it will not happen like that. Better to be concerned about your own life and changing yourself, becoming righteous, pure and enlightened and let other peoples aryu move them along on their journey. “If only” is one of those phrases that is a very tough, tough statement for people to overcome., “If only this person would do this, it would make me happy.” “If only I could do this I would be satisfied.” “If only this would happen and I could get rich and everything would be wonderful.” You must realize that the world is not about “if only”. The world is not about people holding hands and everyone walking into the sunset. Theoretically, yes that is the principle that you must live by because intrinsically, beyond egos and ignorance, we are essentially one; however, by understanding that cause, you should not expect that effect to be realized in the world for all because that is not going to happen for all at the same time because most are beset with delusions, be they good or bad ones. People are not going to turn to each other and realize somehow all of a sudden, we should all be vegetarians and we should not be hurting animals and we should all be friends. In fact that would not even be desirable, because if everybody did that there would not be any strife in the world. Strife and suffering is what leads a human being to struggle and to discover greatness and to transcend. Only because that exists is the only reason why you are listening to me today because you’ve been troubled and the world has given you certain hard knocks. Think about it, if those hard knocks weren’t there you wouldn’t be listening to Muata Ashby, you’d be out somewhere having fun, you’d be elsewhere, going to a party or watching a movie or sitting on the couch drinking a beer or hanging out at the beach or something else. You wouldn’t be checking out this crazy Sage talking this wild cause and effect stuff and how the world is this and how the world is that. So the strife in the world has its purpose and that is to lead ignorant people to Question the world. But for sages and saints they don’t lay awake at night praying for world peace in the sense of wishing that people would somehow turn to each other and everything could be wonderful and happy and great and all of that kind of thing. So think about it in those terms.

It is like the teaching of Akhenaton the Atonism and it is called Sabait Aton that is what the Sebai teaches the Sebait which is the spiritual philosophy, so that is what it would be called. Khemenu means actually the City of the Eight. This should be understood in terms of seven and the eight is really the return to the first of the seven. Like what I mean is in music, it is the octave. Really we’re only dealing with seven notes but octave means eight. What that means is that the octave is a full cycle, a full circle. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and the 8 is coming back to the 1st. So that is how that should be understood.

Question unheard

Answer: Well in Kemetic scripture there is a principle of punning which is the strongest and the most manifested that I’ve ever seen that principle is in Kamitan language. Even though the exact spelling is not the same the phonetics are the same and the Kamitan language is known expressly for enjoining similarities through phonetics and you have Khem and men and u – so Khem is associated with blackness but Khemen is also the Eight. Khem is the blackness, men is established and nu of course is the primeval ocean. So you have this underlying kind of association. So its like having something on the surface and having something below as well. So there is that association. So that is a good observation and whenever you see these terms that is the kind association that is to be drawn.

Question unheard

Answer No because of the spelling, Khem and then men it’s just really in the m or if you want to look at it that way, to study it that way it would mean the Eight through the Nun. Follow that? Manifesting through so the em is, you follow through rather than of. Then of course there is another level of language which has the actual representations themselves of the glyphs, so like I said there are many levels in that study.


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