What is Shetaut Neter and Where did it Originate?


Shetaut Neter
is the formal name and earliest known name given by the ancient African peoples to their religion. The Ancient Egyptians were African peoples who lived in the north-eastern quadrant of the continent of Africa. They were descendants of the Nubians, who had themselves originated from farther south into the heart of Africa at the great lakes region, the sources of the Nile River. They created a vast civilization and culture earlier than any other society in known history and organized a nation which was based on the concepts of balance and order as well as spiritual enlightenment. These ancient African people called their land Kamit and soon after developing a well order

ed society they began to realize that the world is full of wonders but life is fleeting and that there must be something more to human existence. They developed spiritu

al systems that were designed to allow human beings to understand the nature of this secret being who is the essence of all Creation. They called this spiritual system “Shtaut Ntr.”

The teachings of Shetaut Neter may be condensed to four Medu Neter Formulas. Medu Neter means “Divine Speech” or “Spiritual Words.” This is the name that the ancient Kamitans (African-Egyptians) gave to their language and scripture. These teachings are referred to by us as the Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter. They should be memorized by all Shetaut Neter aspirants. Their study should be part of the ongoing practice, for they relate to every aspect of Neterian spirituality.

The term “Neterianism” is derived from the name “Shetaut Neter.” Those who follow the spiritual path of Shetaut Neter are therefore referred to as “Neterians.”

Neterianism is the science of Neter, that is, the study of the secret or mystery of Neter, the enigma of that which transcends ordinary consciousness but from which all creation arises. The world did not come from nothing, nor is it sustained by nothing. Rather it is a manifestation of that which is beyond time and space but which at the same time permeates and maintains the fundamental elements. In other words, it is the substratum of Creation and the essential nature of all that exists.

So those who follow the Neter may be referred to as Neterians.

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