What is a convict?

Crime and punishment in Ancient Egypt
Crime and punishment in Ancient Egypt

Is this guilt or prison sentence a part of your eternal existence? Is it a permanent blot on your soul which will send you to hell for ever? The wisdom of yoga has taught for thousands of years that the soul is innately divine and has a possibility to evolve, to discover its own higher reality which is eternal and pure in the Supreme Self  (God). This means that it is possible to overcome and transcend any and all forms of negativity or evil actions of the past. This exalted vision of life is not merely a myth inspired by superstition or fanaticism, but was the basis of Ancient Egyptian society which allowed the construction of the most extensive and longest running civilization in history. Ancient Egyptian Dynastic civilization existed for over 5,000 years. No other civilization in history can compare to this record. What made the Ancient Egyptians great? It was the spiritual basis of society which was rooted in Shetaut Neter (spiritual values) and Maat (virtue).

Therefore, make the subject of Shetaut Neter foremost in your life and in time you will see a transformation in your life. In time you will discover the glory that is within you and the strength to overcome obstacles and discover the Divine Self within you. In every issue there will be a teaching directed specifically to inmates and this teaching is to be studied and reflected upon and practiced in order to make the practice of Shetaut Neter effective in your life.
-Sebai Muata Ashby

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