Shetaut Neter: The Path of Awakening

Nehast-the Spiritual Awakening "enlightenment"
Nehast-the Spiritual Awakening "enlightenment"

The Great Awakening

What is the purpose of Neterianism? What is the purpose of all the disciplines of Neterian spirituality?

The end of all the Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of “Who am I,” to unravel the mysteries of life and to fathom the depths of eternity and infinity. This is the task of all human beings and it is to be accomplished in this very lifetime.

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an be done by learning the ways of the Neteru, emulating them and finally becoming like them, Akhus, (enlightened beings), walking the earth as giants and accomplishing great deeds such as the creation of the universe!

The Kemetic word “Nehast” means attaining that sublime and highest goal of life which is Spiritual Enlightenment, to experience the state of conscious awareness of oneness with the Divine and all Creation which transcends individuality born of ego consciousness…like the river uniting with the ocean, discovering the greater essential nature of Self… that state which bestows abiding blessedness, peace, bliss, contentment, fulfillment, freedom from all limitation and supreme empowerment.

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