Ask Sebai MAA: Q & A: How to grow past dwelling in the wordly aspect of life (Nebethet)?

Udja Sebai;

In doing my readings a thought came to my mind and I wanted to make sure is in line with the teachings. I hope you don’t mind, as I do the readings and come to an understanding it important to me that I have a correct and proper understanding. There is so much knowlege to gain and I am hungry to read and learn as much as I can.

In the Encylopedia of Gods & Goddesses I was reading about Nebethet. Nebethet is the gross worldy aspects (transient aspects like seeking worldly pleasures). I, as an intiate have am Nebethet because I have dwelled in the world for so long. Now, in another sections, I read that Anpu has the gift to see the reality and that which is not real because he is the son of Asar and Nebethet.

It seems to me that to grow past dwelling in the wordly aspect of life (Nebethet) I need to become more like Anpu (being able to see true reality which I think is to assist me as I work on detachment). This is to be done by using the wisdom teachings (Aset or is it Djehuti or both) as I grow on my spiritual path. I hope you are able to understand the point I am trying to make.

Also, In the Ausarian Resurrection when Set chops Asars body into 14 pieces. Is there any reason the number 14 was chosen? I know the number seven has a meaning, I just thought it interesting that his body should be cut in to 14 pieces (being 7 x 2).

There was also a mention in the African Religion vol 1 about the seven aspects of creation. Can you tell me where I can read more about this. I don’t know if it is in one of the books I already have and I have not gotten to it yet.

Give thanks for your time and your guidance.


thank you for your question

All human beings fall under the “spell” of Nebethet at some point. We are taught in the Asarian Resurrection myth and in the Pert M Heru texts and in other texts that she represents mortality and physicality; she is the creator of the body or physical aspect of the human being and that of the gods and goddesses (Neteru) as well. Since she presides over the physical existence and the living state of the body she also presides over the physical death as well. So this means that engaging her, falling in love with her and having relations with her, that is to say, loving, indulging and becoming attached to the physical body and physical life will lead to an end, for all physical things die at some point. This is represented by the death of Asar after having relations with Nebethet. However, the death through Nebethet, the goddess is not the same as the death after loving and indulging in her manifestations, the physical body and physical world. The death that Asar experienced through Nebethet is a higher death that leads to emancipation from the world of time and space. After the death of Asar which was facilitated by his relations with Nebethet that upset the god Set and caused Set to murder Asar, Aset came to him and facilitated his resurrection and elevation to King of the Netherworld (Asar Sokar) and also his legacy/progeny and thus immortality in spirit and rebirth on earth through Heru. So Asar was great while alive on earth but in death he ruse to greater heights and this was all facilitated by Nebethet.

The other aspect of Nebethet is spiritual love for the soul/spirit, the affinity that is in the human heart for what is spiritual and transcendental. She is the twin sister of Aset and her image gives us the idea that we are attaining something real when it is just the transient world and then death. But she also has a higher aspect and this is to be discovered by the spiritual aspirant. When she makes love with Asar instead of the ego (Set) in a human being she leads to Anpu (right thinking) instead of Set (worldliness/egoism). Then it is possible to discover Djehuty (intellect) and Aset (intuitional wisdom) that lead to spiritual enlightenment.

So as an avid aspirant your task is to lead yourself from Set to Anpu through allowing your Asarian (higher) nature to have interact with Nebethet (physical reality/existence) on a higher plane, to move from worldly desire to spiritual desire and then you will move towards the enlightenment of which we speak and desire so much.

The number 14 is related to the ritual of the monthly death and resurrection of Asar- Ra is the sun of the day and Asar is the sun of the night and he is the moon and so the moon is cut into 14 pieces (just as Set chopped the body of Asar), each month but also reconstituted in the other half of the month (this is done by Aset).

The seven aspects of Creation are the same seven levels of the psycho-spiritual consciousness centers, the serpent power, and also the seven souls of Ra (what the East Indians call Chakras)- this is a psychic space as well as levels of consciousness in relative time and space including the physical world, the astral plane and higher planes beyond. Ra -God- himself is the Creation and we are to discover these levels by becoming Nehast – awakened.

More on this teaching may be found in the audio series on the Anunian Theology and in the new book Kemetic Tree of Life.

Sebai MAA

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