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Dear Sebai MAA
I am very concerened by the state of the economy and i see so many protests around the world and corruption in wall street and when this ever comes on tv i turn off cant watch. what can i do is it not better to not look at tv and just meditate and let god handle troubles of world?

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This is an update to the topics raised in the books Collapse of Civilization, Dollar Crisis, Malfeasance and Immorality and the previous update concerning the topic of the downfall of the United States of America economy political system and social order, world economic, social, and ecological distress (Web site www.KemeticWorld.com on 4-7-13).

Due to the actions taken by the world financial elite, the oligarchs or most recently identified as the 1% of the population who own and or control most of the wealth, heretofore referred to as the “Power Elite” or simply “PE”, especially the actions of continuing to perpetrate fraud through corporate bailouts, creation of currency out of thin air (quantitative easing) for the benefit of the same corporate elites, the world economy’s movement towards collapse is proceeding. This is especially marked by worldwide protests as response to forced “austerity measures” forced on various populations to supposedly fix their economies but which in reality cause unemployment, impoverishment and allow the PE to come in and buy assets such as real estate at foreclosure prices) and the predicted decline in the bond markets The decline of the bond markets will force a rise in interest rates that will lay bare the insolvent and bankrupt nature of the economy. This will lead to more unemployment, a sharp rise in the price of consumer goods. More people will fall into poverty, crime and political instability will increase, leading to more insulation between the rich and poor and eventually to a breakdown of law and order leading to mass protests which will be met with the same response as the failed “Occupy Wall Street” movement.
I would agree with the writer Chris Hedges who estimates the world economy is being transformed into a “neo-feudal” system. I also agree that since the mechanisms of power (economy and political systems) have been taken over by the PE there are no real counter systems (including the legal system) through which those who want justice, to work; as evinced by the political stagnation, due to the hold of the PE on both political parties and wall street. Furthermore, under such conditions there may be only one avenue left to take back power from the PE, through massive “civil disobedience” and not just protests or getting people of diverse ethnic backgrounds to be elected (as evinced by the election of Barak Obama) but the serious and effectual kind of civil disobedience suggested by Henry David Thoreau (resistance to government, in moral opposition to an unjust state) and practiced by Martin Luther King and others which would as if place a cog in the wheels of the mechanisms of power (see the book Collapse of Civilization and Death of American Empire).
The difficulties of mountain such a resistance would be formidable given the power that has been amassed by the state (US government), notwithstanding the deplorable mental and physical state of health of the population generally (being one of if not the most drugged and psychologically afflicted societies in the world) and distracted with corporate leaning media stories that highlight superficialities and inconsequential events while downplaying or ignoring corporate and political infractions of the constitution and state or local laws, highlighting entertainments, political farces, partying, sports and sex . Hence, the previous recommendations are still valid and perhaps even more so now as economic conditions continue to decline, as evinced by rising interest rates, inflation, unemployment, foreclosures, bankruptcies, indebting students and the increase in part-time workers and service jobs and the decline of high paying manufacturing jobs. Again, there is no telling when events may deteriorate in a more accelerated or sharp manner but a general macroeconomic pattern has been identified and the economy has not improved for the general population since the economic crash of 2008. If the USA starts or becomes involved with a major war such as with Iran or if the European economy takes a major movement towards collapsing, those can be triggers for further and deeper and more sudden decline in the USA. If another “Occupy Wall Street” or “Tea Party” type protest movement commences in which there is a serious challenge to the economic and or political power structure and if there is a serious and harsh treatment of the protesters and there is violence and or deaths involved, that can also be a trigger. In the mean time the further loss of civil rights and economic wealth continues unabated. The dishonest tactics such as quantitative easing and corporate bailouts have served only to stave off a full collapse of the economy and have actually made the situation worse by inflating the bond markets through artificially low interest rates, actually making a larger collapse more likely.
It is understandable that many people, for varied reasons, may feel powerless or frightened and thereby prefer not to hear about such dire news. Yet, whether or not it is desired the malfeasance that has been allowed to ensue is now (in the form of loss of civil liberties and economic wealth) and will continue to proceed into devastating economic conditions and possibly also new wars. Therefore, it behooves all to take time according to your capacity to inform yourself of the current events so as to find out what you can do to protect yourself and or cooperate with others for mutual benefit; the same recommendations in reference to gold, bank accounts and seeking to create sustainable communities and or leaving the USA are still valid. As human beings we are also gods and goddesses and we are endowed with certain powers to effect change in the world. We should not expect God to save us or save the world as we as human beings have created this reality; and those who seemingly did not have a direct hand in it nevertheless decided to incarnate in a time and space to be affected by it. Just as a body afflicted with a disease needs medicine and conditions for healing so too the society and the world needs healing and the medicine is MAAT. However, Maat needs the environment and that is what people must establish; this is what made Kemet great, the establishment of a culture base on Maat, that is to say, Truth, and the issue of Truth which is order, righteousness, justice and peace. Therefore, all must do what they can, reasonably, to promote Maat and then after that, then our cosmic form of God applies whatever Maatian order can be applied in the world situation. However, this does not necessarily mean that the world will be alleviated before massive unrest and suffering occurs, for that level of repercussion may be warranted due to the level of the infraction against Maat. It does mean that the response of Maat can be mitigated generally or at least individually and then on the other side, after the crisis and time of suffering, then it may be possible to create a better society, economics and politics based on higher values. The practice of and cooperation with others to follow the precepts of MAAT will serve as guide and protection in such dire times, to the extent of its integrity and effort in its application. In any case, it is better to see the storm coming rather than being surprised when it falls on you unexpected. In other terms, Maat, in its form of intelligence par excellence, Aset, that is wisdom, is the force that counters and quells the storm, if not in the world then in your mind, and leads to freedom from fear and incapacity for constructive action that could help one’s situation. See the additional references below.


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