New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -Chapter 3: Principle of Vibration Q and A

The Principle of Vibration Pt. 1A Q&A


Question: Is the Kybalion text related to any particular city or God or Goddess?
Answer: The Kybalion is related to the ancient Egyptian city of Khemenu, that is the city of Djehuty and Djehuty is the God that it is based on. Djehuty is the same one called Hermes by the Greeks.

Question: Can Vibration act as a heat energy?

The Answer is yes the higher vibration acts as a form of heat energy, and that heat energy burns up the lower aspects of consciousness, the lower aspects of egoism, so on and so forth. It does in this capacity work on the mental level, the mental body as discussed however it can be if it has sufficient power it can be made to act on the physical plane also and you can literally disintegrate. You can burn yourself up and completely dissolve your physical existence also and sages have done that in the past also. There are instances of sages who have developed this kind of energy and they have disappeared, they have dissolved themselves physically completely.

Question: is the higher vibrating mind the highest form?

Yes that is correct, everything you said there is correct. The mental principle is the highest principle and it presented first for that reason and within that mental principle what we’re talking about is the conscious awareness. What you understand, and if you understand yourself as the highest being that is the highest form of vibration, that is the highest form. So therefore your will, your self-consciousness that is the higher principle, when you believe that you are a degraded personality you are going to vibrate at that level and make things happen in your life that are compatible with that; your vibration is controlled by your belief in other words. So therefore your mental thought processes, your will, your understanding of who you are, that is the highest form of power. Furthermore in order to attain what I’ve discussed today, you must realize that this is an art that needs to be learned and needs to be practiced and it will take you several years to be able to develop it depending on your Karmic basis, your Ari. If you have done this kind of work which obviously all of you have because you are listening to this now today, you’ve done some level of work on it. It will take you less. Whatever less time that is, depends on you, how much work, how much you apply yourself in this lifetime to this teaching. But it can take years. Therefore you have no time to waste, you have no time to be dabbling, or to be fooling around as it were. You need to be serious about the teaching; you need to be practicing as I said developing yourself to be meditating 2-3 hours daily in this capacity as it has been enjoined. This really goes for any of the disciplines even though this particular aspect of vibration, the tech and the Serpent Power, this is one of the most powerful path, the most powerful way. The reason I say that is that if you study the Wisdom path, it requires a lot of willpower, and the Devotion Path doesn’t require a lot of willpower, it requires a lot of surrender. The Action path requires you to understand the teachings of righteousness and requires you to act accordingly. If you meditate, by philosophy alone that requires a lot of energy, a lot of willpower, however the Serpent Power technique is enjoined and allows you to do certain exercises, mental techniques, physical techniques and you can actually develop this energy in a very quick way and you may begin to feel it and it actually begins to help you to discover and to perceive these higher forms of vibration. Therefore especially in this age of agitated mind it is a pathway that allows the mental energy to be harnessed very quickly. But again having said that one has to be prepared, one has to be virtuous, one has to be physically and mentally cleansed as well as properly initiated into the wisdom, otherwise there can be serious repercussions to that. So the teaching has been given, you have a working understanding of it but the actual practice of it is a different story and this is where most people fail.

Ok the understanding of the practice of using the chants – if you chant slowly, you say, “Oooommm” this is a lower rate of vibration and it is to be used by people who are highly concentrated; when the mind is concentrated you use a high rate of vibration, “Om, Om, Om”; when the mind is very agitated it allows the mental stream of thought to be concentrated to be consolidated. At some point you want to be completely silent and that is where the rate of vibration actually increases. When you are physically silent and you’re mentally chanting and the subtler the chant, the higher the vibration. The grosser the chant, the lower the vibration energetically wise. The object is to follow the chant to its subtlest level and that leads you to its abode which is the Divine Self and that is the most powerful vibration and those of you who do this practice, if you’ve ever done so you will discover that there is a transcendental Om that is at the center of the universe that is beyond your mental capacity, beyond your mental Om. The physical Om is just a reflection of the transcendental and that Om is more powerful than a billion atom bombs crashing in your mind, if you can conceive how that would be. It is a totally consuming vibration and that is what everything has emanated from, that is what has reverberated throughout creation in order to cause the forms of matter to take their effect, their aspects, their appearance and their characteristics. But every kind of matter can be transmuted into other kinds of matter in other words because all is made of the same stuff. Hetep.

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10010B The Principle of Vibration Pt. 1B Q&A

Q and A Continued

First of all you noticed at Initiation a particular chant is given for a particular personality in relation to their level of spiritual evolution. You notice that when you choose your a chant or when you are given a chant it is based on the appeal to you. That appeal comes because of the relationship of vibration the chant is vibrating at a certain level that appeals to you because you are internally vibrating at that level. If you practice with that chant, it will actually cleanse, it will vibrate through your body it will cleanse you physically and it will cleanse your mental body also where your thoughts are and if you go deep enough it will cleanse your causal body where your Ari is embedded; your seeds of your Karmic basis. So yes it does have that effect, so the more you chant it, chant it a million times and if you chant it sufficiently it takes on a life of its own because you have infused it with the energy. You have allowed it to become powerful. You must realize that your mind has become powerful thereby, it is really your mind that is radiating that because you have trained it to exist at the higher level, so you have polarized it, and you have used this principle of vibration. You have made yourself vibrate at a certain level, you are not allowing yourself to be accosted by the world or to be forced by the world to vibrate a certain way or another way, so on so forth. This is the higher practice of the teaching.

Also we’ve enjoined two or three hours of practice and that is an advanced level of the practice, this is something that you build up to. You start with 5-10 minutes and staying there longer, building it up in accordance with your capacity and developing yourself in that way. Don’t think you have to sit there for an hour or two or three and so on; you should also not stay there more than three. More than three hours is not necessary. It will actually counteract what you’re trying to do. You need to have a balance in your life between your activities in the world and your activities in your spiritual disciplines; in your spiritual science. Two to three hours is sufficient for that. If you meditate two-three hours and you succeed in this way it will carry you through the next day, actually even further. If you succeed in this practice you can meditate for three hours in this way and you will be vibrating at this higher level for days and perhaps even weeks or months. Just from one single meditation! So you can imagine if you were to do this daily what would happen, without ceasing.

The Question and I know most of you have asked this Question, and many of you are thinking about it is like so if I’m getting some powerful technique here, powerful teaching and yes it is, if you learn how to do it and you practice it and therefore you must be wondering, am I ready for this? Am I really ready to do that? Because it would be like those ladies who were in the church. Every morning they would come in and sing the song, “Oh God come and take me. I want to go to your Heaven. I want to go with you. Come and take me. I want to be your lover and forever and for eternity. Come, come, come God come.” Every morning they would come to the temple. Then the priest used to sleep behind the altar and every morning he would wake up to the sound of these crazy ladies singing there stuff and coming there praising and leaving their offerings. So he said, “Ok, I see, let’s see if they’re really sincere.” So one day the priest heard them, they woke him up and they started doing their chants and their phrases. “Oh God come and take me, we want to go to Heaven right now, come an get us, we love you.” So the priest, remaining out of sight, said, “Oh Great Ladies, you have come and I’ve heard your praises and your calls. Behold I am ready to come and take you with me forthwith. So prepare yourselves. Leave your physical bodies behind. I’m coming to take you up to Heaven.” Then the ladies turned to themselves; looked at each other and they said, “Well, I have to go prepare lunch for my husband.” The other one said, “I have to go to work now.” The other one said, “I have to go to the store and get groceries. I’ll see you later, bye.” They all ran out of the Temple. So there are many people who say that they are down with the teachings; that this is what they want in their lives. But think carefully. Think carefully of what you really want or where you really are and what you are doing. If you are not ready, then continue studying the teachings; continue your practices but from now on with the outlook of what it really is that we’re talking about; what it really is leading to. Have that in the back of your mind as the ultimate goal and prepare yourself and one day you will be ready.

What does it mean to be ready? Another story is given of an aspirant who went to the teacher and he wanted to be given the teachings of enlightenment. He went to the teacher, knocking on his door and all of this kind of thing. The teacher opened up and said, “Who is this?” He said, “I’ve heard that you are a great teacher and I want to be your student, I want you to teach me; please initiate me right away; give me enlightenment right away.” The teacher said, “Well, it doesn’t work that way, you have to come here; serve in the Temple; purify yourself, etc.” He said, “Don’t give me that. I want to learn the teachings right away. I want to enlighten myself and I don’t have time to wait.” So the teacher said, “OK come down by the river and I will initiate you. I will baptize you in the morning.” So he comes there in the morning and meets the teacher at the bank of the river. The teacher says, “By the power vested in me I initiate you into this teaching.” He dumps him into the water and he holds him down under the water. The aspirant is struggling, he can’t breathe; the teacher is still holding him down in the water. Finally he lets him up. The aspirant gasps for air. The teacher asks him, “How do you feel, what do you think?” The aspirant says, “What do you mean what do I think? I can’t think of anything. All I could think of was to try to get some air, a breath of air to survive. That’s all I had on my mind!” The teacher says, “That is how you must be if you are really serious to learn the teachings right now, right this very minute.” You must desire the teaching like you desire nothing else in the world. Nothing else can be in your way. Nothing else can be on your mind. So the Question is, the statement to you as aspirants is, are you ready for that? Is that all that is on your mind? You have all of these on your mind. When you leave and you are home what are you going to think about? Are you going to stop at the store? Or go visit a friend? Or watch a TV show? Or going to hang out and talk to your family members? What are you going to do? What else is on your mind? If don’t only have the teaching on your mind, then you are not ready. I’ll tell you straight out. If you love your family and you want to be in the world and you love your job and all of this kind of thing, you must understand that that will continue, but that is not the ultimate goal of existence. You must strike that balance with the understanding that ultimately everything that you love and desire in this world is an illusion. It should not be desired in that way. You can use it and experience it; that is fine. You should not want anything more in this world than to be one with the Self and that is the only way. Only at that time will you be ready. But this is not a fanatical practice but rather a balanced increasing intensity.

In the meantime, you should continue the practices to the level of whatever you can and eventually when you are ready you will know. You will take certain final steps that will lead you to that realization. The realization of the highest order of Self. In the meantime you will be discovering little bits and pieces, little glimpses here and there, wonderful things you discover about yourself and expand in consciousness and you vibrate at certain higher levels; you discover certain wonderful things about yourself; certain expanded levels of your mind and that brings you bliss and happiness and joy. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that that is The Self. Aspirants make that mistake too. You expand yourself and you feel oneness with everyone in the world; oneness with nature; but something comes in your life that disturbs that oneness and you start cursing it. You were meditating and everything was wonderful and somebody knocks on your door and your spouse or somebody tells you, “Come and take out the garbage.” They disturb your wonderful oneness with the world, so you haven’t attained it then. If you were truly with oneness in the world when they come and tell you to take out the garbage, or tell you that you’re a jerk for meditating all day long or something, you say, “OK fine, I’m a jerk. I’m a fool. I and the garbage are One.” That’s going to be your response and you go and you’re not going to be affected because you are vibrating at such a level that the garbage and the person telling you whatever they’re telling you is going to be meaningless. It is going to be inconsequential. This is what it means to have this kind of power, the one we’re talking about. So don’t make any illusions for yourself. Realize whether you are ready or not based on what I’ve said and act accordingly based on what I’ve said. Hetep.

Question: Cleansing and purifying are there any other things like say meditating 30 mins. or so a day that we can expect.

Answer: Yes of course, whatever extent you enjoin the practice you benefit. If you meditate 5 mins. you get 5 mins. worth of benefit. If you do it for 3 hrs. you get 3 hrs. of benefit. It is cumulative. You can think of it that way. Of course the less your practice, the slower your progress.

Question: So Ptah is the God whose teachings evoke Creation that the universe was mental.

Well prior to Creation thought, I guess consciousness being the first thing God becoming aware of his consciousness moving on to indicate creation and of these things were manifestations of, well the creation was a manifestation of God. Does the Kybalion teachings flow from that, or come from that point kind of late?

Answer The teaching of the universe is mental is implicit in all of the teachings, all traditions. But it is highlighted in the tradition of Khemenu which is the tradition of Djehuty, which is what this is based on and Memphite theology which is Ptah, the teaching of Ptah. So those two teachings highlight it but it is not to say that it is not implicit in the other teachings also. In Anunian theology as well as the Asarian tradition says that Neberdjer created through Khepri by desire in his heart. That is the mental will, so it is implicit in other words. It is just not highlighted.

Talking about one last thing that I was going to add to this particular lecture on the practice of the teachings. So we’ve been discussing what is necessary to implement the teaching and one last thing is that the teaching is that even though sages and saints are people of higher vibration have the capacity to enforce their views on others and their imposing a higher level of vibration on something that is not ready to vibrate at that level is going to damage the object that is at a lower vibration. Especially speaking about living beings. An object you can transmute it and you can change an apple to an orange and this like that that I discussed that is a different story. But at far as the subtle levels of vibration, like say stories are given about sages who touch aspirants and they make them vibrate at higher levels and they make them open their mind and all of this kind of thing. If a person is not ready for that they will go insane. They can very well easily become unhinged psychically and mentally. So that should not be done. If should not be done by influence. It should be done by gradual process of learning and however there has to be willingness on the part of the aspirant to learn and practice the teaching and without that even the greatest teacher,

10010B The Principle of Vibration Pt. 2 Q&A

Jesus or Krishna or whoever was to come down they would have no effect on people who are not ready, not willing to follow the teaching to practice it, and to develop themselves and so on so forth. Forcing them would not fix the problem. This is not to say that wars and other situations, like in parenting, that the people cannot impose their will on others, at least for a time. You can control peoples’ behaviors but you cannot control their opinions. People need to develop ethical conscience and then they will not require coercion to make them do the right thing. This is why you especially see a lot of wars breaking out right now. In the former Soviet controlled countries there were a lot of ethnic differences that were kept in check by the Soviet Army. So the army, the pressure that is keeping the bottle closed is taken away and these things start blowing up, they start boiling over. What only they can transform opinions and feelings is influence and righteousness and truth and compassion, forgiveness all of these kinds of virtues. You do that for yourself, you do that for other people, and at the country level, community-wide level and ultimately at first specifically we’re talking about the course of events. What it comes down to is people need to be growing to a certain level at where they recognize the importance of these things. To a certain degree the leadership has to adopt it and that’s what she’s talking about here. She has taken it upon herself to include the course without consultation here, consultation there just based on the desire of some people who are pursuing the philosophy, three or four years to do it. She decided to take it on her to do it and now she needs to according to the system the way it is set up, she needs to cut back the system, get it validated and get it approved, to get it integrated so on and so forth. The bottom line is that, is you can see what is happening currently in the situation with the world. Why do you think this last week after months and years of vacillation the United States finally now comes out and says that Israel has to get out of the occupied territories of Palestine? Why do you think that happened last week and not all the weeks and months and years before? Because last week the Arabs were getting up in arms, Ok. What is this up in arms? Not the governments, but the people. Now they are afraid this is going to come to be a serious spreading of a conflict that’s going to engulf the whole region. When that region gets engulfed the rest of the world gets engulfed. You must realize that at this point. You think Israel is going to their atomic weapons? I don’t think so. Anyway, that’s a different aspect. But what I’m getting at is that is doesn’t matter what people in positions to obstruct want to do if enough people make their concerns known and make their desires heard. That is the ultimate social power. However who controls the minds of those people therefore is the person who is in the leadership position. So whoever controls Hollywood, whoever controls the networks, and what they say, or don’t say, or how they say it, so on so forth that is the person who controls the minds of the people. So therefore you don’t want people to be getting too much information; you don’t want them to be getting too much time to think about it. Right? You want them to be in a situation where they could survive, but they have to work all day in order to survive; to pay their bills; and when they go home they have to go to sleep and rest for the next day. They can watch a half hour of news; they can’t take much more than that. Just a little bit, a little piece of the truth. Of course there is the Hollywood entertainments, the sports, the legal and illegal drugs to weaken their minds and their bodies. After that you can convince them that you’re handling it and you’ve got in under control. God forbid that too many of them should not be able to pay their bills then there would be a revolution, a riot and God forbid that you should not affect their lifestyle because that is going to make them up in arms. As long as you keep people in that general level you can control them, and that’s what we have in this society. You can have all the laws you want, but if you don’t have the money to implement it your law is worthless. So now they say there is a budget crisis. So now we can’t have money to teach our course or have our department. So what’s the point? So you need to go back and fix it, you need to go back and demand it, force the issue. Otherwise don’t pay your taxes. If you think that you would go to jail, if enough of you do that you are going to get results. You are not going to have to deal with any jail time. It is the law. You’re using the law for what it is. If you are sitting back because you’re busy having so many kids; having so many mortgages; having so many different things to worry about that you can be an effective revolutionary. Today’s Kybalion class is talking to people who do not realize they are deluding themselves. That they’re a wonderful aspirant, a wonderful revolutionary; they are not doing what it takes. They are vibrating at a comfortable level that allows them to feel comfortable while doing some spiritual practices but not advancing to the more difficult higher levels. So I’m throwing the gauntlet down as they say on this issue.

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