New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -The Principle of Polarity Pt. 1

The Principle of Polarity Pt. 1

Hermes Trismegistus

Opening Chants: Hetep; Om Amun Ra Ptah; Om Asar Aset Heru; Om Maati Maakheru; Amma Su en Pa Neter; HTP di si Neter iri mettu wadj; Dua Ra Khepera; Dua Asar; Om Hetep; Om Peace

We continue today with our talks dealing with the Kybalion teachings. This is about the fourth lecture in the series. There are seven main principles of the Kybalion and we are dealing with the fourth one today. All of these are continuous meaning that they are not really distinct principles they are all aspects of the one same principle. So last nights principle runs into todays and today’s runs into tomorrows. When we get to the end of them they run back to the first.

Last time we talked about the principle of vibration and apparently there were several things that intrigued many people from last week’s lecture so we’re going to go over some of those things and then we’re going to lead into today’s lecture which will hopefully captivate you some more and lead into the next one, next week’s. Remember that we talked about last week in the principle of vibration how everything vibrates; how nothing is static even though it appears to be and everything emanates from a single source in the universe according to the philosophy. That source is the highest vibrating essence and the farther that thing vibrates from that essence the slower those things appear to vibrate and the grosser therefore, they appear to be. A human being has all of these aspects also within themselves they contain the higher vibrating aspect which is spirit and they also contain the lower vibrating aspect which is the physical body. They have everything in between in that whole range. In that whole range you have different aspects of yourself that are vibrating at different levels. So the grossest meaning the physical and the just above that you have your mind and senses which is actually pretty gross, when you consider compared to your soul which is vibrating at a higher level. Different aspects of yourself, your body of light, in Kemet it is called your Akhu and beyond the Akhu is pure Self, Asar or Amun or whichever name that you choose. The problem with most human beings is that they are only aware of that part of themselves that is obvious, which is the mind, senses and the body. Therefore their whole frame of reference is based on that which is gross, the gross aspect of themselves. The project of spirituality is to discover those vibrations which are higher, which transcend the physical plane and so on and so forth. How can that be discovered? That is the project of the spiritual teaching.

So all these aspects of creation are vibrating, everything vibrates. So the teaching says: Nothing is static. Even the things that appear to be very solid and remember we discussed that they’re actually moving. If you were to examine the floor you are sitting on it seems so solid and yet it is moving. It is changing constantly. It is deteriorating, going back to its original form. The form that it is in is held together artificially. Everything must go back to its initial state as we discussed. The Kybalion is a late text, a Hermetic text that is based on the teachings of Djehuty and the texts themselves say this. The city is Khemenu, the City of the Eight. Djehuty is the God that the Greeks called Hermes, as you all know. He is the one who holds the Caduceus and you recall at the end of last weeks lecture it said that who ever masters the teaching of vibration gets control of the Staff of Power and that is Djehuty’s staff, that is the Caduceus Staff. What that means is that you control your life force energies. They no longer control you. That lead us into a whole discussion into the disciplines for achieving that kind of control as you recall, the discipline of concentrating on different levels of vibration.

That leads us to today’s lecture which gives us another indication of the aspects of nature brought forth through the Kybalion text. The Kybalion is a collection of seven principles, seven teachings and if these teachings are known they lead to the supreme wisdom understanding the nature of self, that is what the Kybalion means. The teaching of Polarity is what we are dealing with today. The teaching of vibration leads us into this.

The teaching says: “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. Extremes meet; all truths are but half truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.”

Now if we understand that everything is vibrating at different levels, and the reason that things appear to be different is because they are operating, they’re vibrating at different levels. Remember we also talked about matter itself. First of all, I didn’t tell you last time, do you know that the theory of atoms, the theory of the composition of matter is actually just that, it is just a theory. No one has ever seen an atom, do you know that? Do you realize that? No one has ever seen an atom, or a neutron, a proton. It is theoretical. I’m not saying it isn’t true but we’re saying that it has been arrived at through deduction of how matter seems to operate. This is how scientists have arrived at the theory of the composition of atoms. Now of course in quantum physics we have expansion on that theory because now they have quarks and different parts of those very same particles. In this theory of the atom there is a nucleus with a proton and a neutron and the electron goes around the nucleus like a planet goes around the sun. However. it is also now known that the electron does not exist in every part of that orbit; it disappears and reappears in a different orbit. Where does it go when it disappears? Also, there is a vast space between the electrons and the nucleus and the nucleus is composed of mostly empty space. Remember, this is supposed to be solid matter we are talking about! Through particle accelerator experiments they have crashed atoms together and they’ve come up with the theories that there are smaller aspects of those pieces of those atoms. When those pieces get too small they turn into energy, they turn back into energy. Then it comes out of its energy form, it goes back, it coalesces back into the particle that compose atoms. So ultimately everything is composed of these atoms and particles and ultimately those particles dissolve into energy. That energy is what the ancients called the Primeval Ocean, the Nun, which is a kind of subtler undifferentiated matter. When it is acted upon by divine consciousness with will intent it coagulates into what the senses perceive as “physical matter.”

If one was to realize as we said just a few minutes ago all of you have those same parts within yourself. You have the gross vibrating aspect, and go all the way up to the Nun. But you don’t experience your Nun. If you were to do certain disciplines that allow you to discover that Nun, what would happen to you? What would happen to your notion of yourself? Since Nun is the ocean, you would discover that the world is like the bubbles on top of the waves and Nun is the ocean. All waves are rooted in the ocean. You would discover that you are rooted, like everyone else, in the ocean of Self. Not a little bubble bobbing up and down, ready to burst and blow up into nothing and to non-existence. As discussed previously to that, we discussed the principle of correspondence of as above so below. Everything has its reference, just correspondent. This teaching of polarity brings us even closer to an understanding. What it is leading us to understand is that all of the opposites are but two sides of the same coin as it were. Heads and tails and they are both part of each other. The polarity on the battery, positive and negative – from one end of the positive to the negative, where does the negative end and where does the positive begin? When you are watching the news and you see one person fighting against another who is the good one and who is the bad one? Ask one or the other and they will say they are the good one. If you examine and you will see both of them are doing certain things that are bad and certain things that are good. So in the world you want to say, “Well if that’s the case then we should try to be as good as possible or side with the better good.” That’s a logical theory for the world, you try to side with the most good. For a spiritual aspirant, that is not good enough. That is not going to work. If you maintain yourself like that that is called impurity. Impurity is imperfection. Impurity will lead you to ignorance. It will cloud your intellect. “Oh I’m being mostly good so I can afford to eat a little hot dog here, it’s not going to hurt me that much. I’ve been vegetarian for a few months, so you know it’s not going to hurt.” “Oh, I haven’t lied very much so I can tell a little lie here just to get out of this thing, it’s not a big deal.” Or you might say, “I’m only human and doing the best I can.” and some people use that as a legitimate way to let of the pressure of trying to be good while their ego is compelling them to do negative things. However, there are others who use this as an excuse not to change, to remain as they are and excuse their unrighteous behavior. What we’re getting at is that every aspirant must learn how to completely focus themselves on becoming a particular way, particular form of personality and this is what the teaching calls Polarity. So you have the opposites within you and you must learn how to focus completely on one aspect and leaving the other one behind.

Due to your ignorance of how you’ve lived in this life and previous lifetimes, you have acquired many layers of Karmic entanglements, of Aris, your previous actions. In one lifetime you may have been a very loving person. In another lifetime you may have been a very hateful person. You have those layers on you like peels of an onion, those layers that are staying with you. Sometimes you may find it very easy to love certain people because you like them. You like what they do or because something resonates with you. At other times you may find it easy to hate them because they do something you don’t like or that kind of thing. Think about that in your own families or in your past. Let’s say you’re a good person now, think about your past, how you were friends with someone and they did something and all of a sudden you started hating them and yelling at them, all of this kind of thing. So where did the love stop and where did the hate begin? When you hate somebody, do you really hate them, or is there love still there? Can you make up and all of this kind of thing, right? This is being mixed, this is called impurity.

What you must learn how to do is to polarize yourself. Polarize yourself to whatever vibration that you want to have in your personality. If you learn how to polarize yourself, you become the supreme master as we were discussing last time. You become the complete controller of your life. Only those people who can do that are in control of their lives and everyone else is controlled by nature. Nature dictates your polarity. It dictates where you are vibrating at a particular time, or when or how or why. Therefore you are not a true human being in accordance with the teachings. You are like an animal. Animals are driven by their instincts and by nature.

So understanding this idea of the coins is crucial to understanding the concept of polarity, it’s the first aspect. Everything is two sides of the same coin. First we talked about men and women, they are two sides of the same coin. Men appear to come from Mars and women appear to come from Venus but they are not really from Venus and not from Mars, they’re really two sides of the same coin. They are two poles, two tendencies. Women tend to be more emotional, men tend to be more intellectual but men have emotions, women have intellect. They are tendencies. Men and women have all the same organs, they have a tendency to be arranged in a certain different way. Therefore this means that, “As above, so below” really means that right here on the physical Earth, is the Divine just like as it is in Heaven. So everybody is looking to get out of the world to find God or to find Heaven all of that kind of thing and God is in Heaven and God is here too. This the physical aspect of the Divine, the subtle aspect of the Divine is in Heaven.

How does one discover this truth of this teaching? You enjoin certain disciplines that allow you to polarize yourself. Guess what? That’s what you’ve been getting taught all along! The teachings of Maat, they polarize you towards virtue as opposed to vice. The teachings of vegetarianism they polarize you towards purity in your diet as opposed to impurity and lower vibrations in your diet. Doesn’t it? So you been apparently doing this teaching of the Kybalion all along! Only now it is being intellectually explained to you, why? Because you must understand that you are doing it for a purpose, for a reason. Yes just because plutonium is made of the same atoms, neutrons and electrons that you are made of doesn’t mean that you should go eat a bowlful of plutonium. Remember the first teaching? The aspirant should accept the information from the intellect with respect even though understanding that it is illusory. Philosophically you must have that understanding because that leads your mind to stability and sanity and ultimately to freedom; freedom from the opposites.

East and West, they appear to be so different but if you travel long enough going East you come back to where you were from the West, don’t you? The teaching of calculus, advanced geometry, what does it tell us? It tells us that two straight lines going in opposite directions, they meet in infinity. This is the teaching of polarity. The ultimate problem that affects a human being was discussed in one of our previous lectures; you who remember last year when we were doing the Pert m Heru lecture series, I believe it was Chapter Nine, it talked about the opposites and the particular opposites that dog human beings and makes human beings life miserable are likes and dislikes. It was in the Pert m Heru text. This is a form of polarity, the swinging of the pendulum as it were, that human beings emotions go through, you like something so you run after it. If you hate something else, you run away from that; this is polarity in the personality, determined by how you have allowed your mind to vibrate in the past and the things you have allowed your mind to gravitate to and hold on to or repudiate in the past. All the while you are embedding more Ariu, or impressions on your unconscious mind. As long as the error of life that you are leading, that causes you to polarize your mind based on its desires and fears, etc., remains, those impressions are going to forever dog you, they are going to forever lead you into strife, into confusion. Love and hate relationships and running after happiness in the world; running away from unhappiness. Running after the things that you think will make you happy; running away from things that you think are causing you misery. Never understanding that both of these things are illusory and that if you were to try to transcend them you would have peace immediately. You could have peace today, right now if you realize this teaching. If your mind was pure, if it was not fraught with impurities as we discussed, all you need to do is to hear this teaching once and you would be good to go. Yet you must hear it several times because there is so much impurity there that it has to work through to get to your understanding.

So everything has poles, everything has its pair of opposites. Like and unlike are the same. Opposites are identical in nature but different in degree. This is the key that we’ve been discussing and that we discussed last time. Extremes meet. All truths are but half-truths. Paradoxes may be reconciled. So for instance you have a problem with fear. You are afraid of things, what should you do? You should concentrate your mind on courage. Read about people who are courageous; about courageous deeds. Then you go and act those out. If you were to do that you would begin to realize and say, “Hey I have courage within me, I can do this, I can.” Even if you are internally fearful, if you go ahead and you move forward with your courageous act, your courageous thought, eventually that courage overcomes that fear. Just like in your studies, if you were to understand the teaching that is being given, if you persevere, remember the lecture we did on how to be a successful student, you persevere even if you don’t understand in the beginning. Eventually your mind will grasp it. You can have those other negative thoughts, see the positive and negative, you have to have the positive, polarize onto the positive. People are telling you that you can’t understand because you are stupid, or you are dumb or you’re dull, or you yourself have the negative thoughts. “Oh, I don’t have to do this, let me just go do some easier discipline that I don’t have to study so much, or that is not so challenging” all of this kind of thing is negative thoughts. You allow those thoughts to come in and you will be unsuccessful. Why? Because you have the power. Since you are the Self essentially you have the power to do anything that you want to do. Do you recall that lecture? Therefore it is up to you what you can accomplish. Only you can control that, only you have the power. If you say somebody is controlling you or on top of you, you have allowed them to take that power on you. Nobody can control you. They may control your body, they can’t control you.

What I gave you just a few minutes ago, these are the preliminary disciplines of polarity.
Acting with virtue with righteousness, bringing order to your life.
Vegetarianism, these are aspects. Purity in your thoughts and vegetarianism as the diet has three aspects. Purity of physical body which is vegetarianism.
Purity of the mind which is the Wisdom teaching.
Purity of the Soul which is the practice of meditation and this of course leads us to a discussion about meditation again. This is what interested so many people from the lecture last time.

I was talking about a special meditation that is done to develop the higher vibrations in your consciousness. This is part of the Serpent Power discipline, it will be discussed in your new Serpent Power book. The teaching of the Serpent Power basically relates to understanding the seven life force energy centers that are spheres that are swirling around in your astral body. They connect you to the higher aspects of yourself if you were to understand that teaching, that theory. Then you were to work on each of these centers. The lowest vibrating at the lowest level and the highest vibrating at the highest level. You would be able to gradually lead yourself through raising your vibrations. This is a great teaching of vibrations that will be elaborated upon as we move forward.

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