New Book Project Mysteries of the Kybalion -The Principle of Polarity Pt. 2

The Principle of Polarity Pt. 2

In this practice of the Kybalion you are changing your vibrations from the lower vibrations from the lower to the higher, you are changing your polarity from the negative polarity to a positive polarity, you are moving from below to above. All of the teachings are all aspects, part of the same teaching. Each sphere or psycho-spiritual consciousness center also relates to some aspect of psychology in your mind. Each of these aspects have vibrational dynamics also. For instance, the vibration at the lowest energy center, at the base of the spine relates to the psychology of fear and of fight or flight or food issues, and these are the lowest vibrating aspects of mental activity; it relates to instinctual food and survival issues.


Moving up from there the next spot is sexuality, creation. It is a lower vibration because you are creating on the physical plane. The next one is narcissism, desire. Now beyond those first three which are of the lower polarity. We have one that is in the middle which is love. Moving up from there we have the higher polarity aspects of consciousness. We have will, we have inner-vision and transcendence. We have to concentrate on the three upper psychological dynamics, that would begin to polarize the mind, polarize the personality on the higher level. This is the work that is to be done in the special meditation teaching that I was talking about. If you recall I talked about how it should be practiced. You should be building up your practice, starting with 5 minutes, building up to two hours and no more than three hours of practice.

How do you begin? First of all you begin by what we discussed before, which is practicing concentrating the mind on the teaching and on becoming virtuous, even before you start doing this, because this is a special meditation, a special discipline. You should have a vegetarian diet; A complete vegetarian diet for at least one to two years before engaging in the more advanced aspects of the serpent power techniques. Of course if you have an organic and or raw diet that’s so much the better but that also takes time to adapt to. Doing this because the teachings of Maat, the virtuous teachings, they begin to cleanse your mind from negative vibrating thoughts and the vegetarianism cleanses your physical body and in the Serpent Power teachings you know that there are subtle life force channels, energy centers, the life force channels that go throughout your mental body and your physical body and those need to be cleansed. As you vibrate on higher levels those mettus or those conduits need to be able handle greater energy. As the energy moves up, as it vibrates at a higher level, there is actually more powerful energy than the lower vibrating energy. So one works on each of these aspects of psychology and vibrational energy. You are to do that in the following way, and this is a simplified Serpent Power meditation that I’m giving you now, a simplified teaching related to the Kybalion. The Serpent Power discipline is a little more involved than what I’m giving you right now. As I have said you have to go through the book The Serpent Power for that. This is a meditation in relation to the Kybalion teaching.

Serpent Power has its own nomenclature it has different aspects and specifics. You would meditate on each energy center and its corresponding psychology and then cleanse it out. For example, if you have fear about something at the first energy center you work on dissolving that fear. You get into the energy center, you concentrate on it maintaining and repeating the word of power, “Om”, to place that vibration into the energy center; to break up that negative thought/feeling/vibration. Also, by working through it, you begin to realize you were looking into yourself, into your aryu; where did I get this fear thought from? Something that happened to me when I was young, or something that I imagined but never resolved?…. Then you begin to allow yourself to understand, to come to clarity, purity, balance. You might come to the conclusion: “Oh, now I see this happened to me or why I did that, because I was foolish back then, I didn’t understand the teaching back then.” You apply the teaching on that situation, you realize the illusoriness of that situation and then you release it. You go through all of the centers re-polarizing them towards their higher vibration. Each lower energy center corresponds to a higher center. The lowest center corresponds to the highest. The second corresponds to the sixth. The third corresponds to the fifth. If you polarize the lower and you cleanse the lower it transmutes the energy into the higher, it’s also called mental alchemy. You are turning lead into gold in other words. This is like a cooking process that goes on. You need life force energy, the Serpent Power to cook you, to transform you.

This discipline is not to go on forever; it is an initial phase. This is what you would do in your initial practice. This is before you actually go to the formal meditation. Now you see we’re not even to the formal meditation yet. We are just doing a mental concentration discipline for polarizing the mind. Once you have gone through all of the energy centers, once you’ve been cleansed, you’ve had a vegetarian diet for awhile and you are leading a virtuous life for awhile, then you can now go into practicing the formal Serpent Power meditation, the outline of which is as follows:

Assume a comfortable posture, either sitting or lying down on your back, in a comfortable way. The key to the meditation is to not move! This is why the mummy posture is the preferred posture for this kind of meditation, even though if your mind is very dull or you are not rested you can easily fall asleep. You avoid that by getting enough sleep before the practice and practicing control of the breath. Breath is the link between the conscious and the unconscious. It is why you can breathe and you are not even aware that you are breathing, because you are concentrating on other things, it is called autonomic. Or you can take control of your breath and breathe consciously. When you breathe consciously this is why it controls your mind and your emotions. It brings you out of the trance level or the automatic consciousness as most people are living. Remember we talked about this a few times ago, how a person can be walking down the street and the mind will start imagining something or flying off somewhere and all of a sudden they’ve walked a block and they didn’t realize they’ve walked a block, they came back to their senses. It is a kind of a trance. Most people live in that trance. Most people are like zombies, there I’ve said it! This is what it means to be caught as a human being and in ignorance. Only sages are awake to what they’re doing. Therefore, in spiritual texts like this one and others such as the Bhagavad Gita, it says sages are awake to things that ordinary people are asleep to. When ordinary people are asleep the sages are awake. Here we have in the Kybalion, the teaching says, “All paradoxes are reconcilable.” This is reconciliation of that paradox that we’re giving right now. So you assume the posture. The key to it is to not move even an inch, concentrating on your breath, beginning to awaken the lower energy center by tapping it. You’ve seen the snake charmers, how they hit/tap the head of a cobra so they can start making it dance with their flute playing and all of that kind of thing? You are tapping it with life force energy and this is all done by mental will. You are bringing life force energy from the environment through to your lungs and you direct it to hit your lowest energy center. You hit that several times to awaken it. Ten, twenty times with each breath. Breathe in, bring in energy and then direct it to hit the energy center. However long it takes for you to begin to feel it, to be aware of it. This could take several minutes, it can take the first part of your practice, it can take a whole half hour, or an hour and it may still not happen for a few days or weeks, depending on your level of development, cleansing, etc.

Then when you begin its awakening then you begin to raise it to the other energy centers. You breathe in, you direct it down towards your lower energy center and then you bring it up, be still as you’ve now inhaled, now you are holding your breath, you’re sucking in your gut, you are bringing it up towards your point between your eyebrows. Hold it there as long as it is comfortable for your breath to hold it. Then you let it go, you exhale and let the energy come down. Again you do this continuously and this is what you do for the first hour of your practice. Again not moving even a millimeter, in a semi-darkened room. You may burn some incense, you may play some of the music, if you like to begin with but all of this can only go on for the first hour. Remember you build up to this, it just doesn’t happen, just like that. The second hour what happens is you stop controlling your breath. You allow it to flow naturally and just remain aware of it. You let the autonomic system take over. Realize that it is very shallow. You become aware of the shallowness; you become aware of your body and without your conscious control. You become aware of your body as being motionless and this practice actually mimics the death process. You want to discover your awareness free from the body.

This is your contemplation, but this contemplation is done from the sixth energy center. You want to place your body in the following position, lying down with your head towards the East or North, with your legs 1 ½ – 2 ft. apart; your arms 1 ft. away from your body with palms facing upwards; eyes closed; concentrating on that sixth energy center. We left out one aspect which is the words of power. Words of power will help to polarize, they will help to bring the lower energy centers into health and to resonate as well as harmonize all of the energy centers and bring the life force energy towards the crown of the head, towards the sixth energy center. Realize that if you were to look at your body from above, it looks like an arrow and it is pointing towards your head, towards the point between your eyebrows. You are doing this for an hour, concentrating on that point for an hour and at the end of that hour you live in that point. You are aware, you may be aware of the physical body so on so forth but you are not in it because after an hour of this practice and not moving your body it has fallen asleep but even though your body has fallen asleep, you, that is to say, your mind, remains awake! If that happens you have reached a great stage in the practice. Afterwards, when you get up, your body feels as if it has been asleep, you feel as if you wake up in the morning after your body has been asleep. But of course you feel that you’ve been awake the whole time so but now you are revitalized, you are ready to go. It is like having sleep but without the delusion of dreams. Instead you have the conscious experience of visions of your expanded self.

The using of words of power has been especially enjoined for the first part of the practice, the first hour where forceful visualization and manipulation of air and life force energy are manipulated: “Om Maati Maakheru; Om Amun Ra Ptah; Om Asar Aset Heru can be used. As you go through the chant, you are resonating with each energy center beginning with Om at the base of the spine and by the time you get to Heru (in Om Asar Aset Heru) you get to the top, the crown of the head. Or with Om Amun Ra Ptah, by the time you get to Ptah you get to the top. At the beginning stage it is a continuous, repetitious process. Eventually you cannot think of anything but the chant and the practice, the visualization. All of this is going to lead you out of the physical world, into the astral world and then eventually beyond that also. If you were to do this for that first hour, then you reach a point where now you will be able to just simply sit there and rest in your Amun aspect, your Witnessing Consciousness aspect that is now disengaged from the body and physical world. That is going to awaken you to the subtler vibrating aspects of yourself. In other words you are going to awaken to the Astral body. Actually, in this practice first you go through your Astral aspect and then if you continue your practice you discover your Amun aspect. So your coming from your Ptah aspect which is your physical, then you go to your Ra aspect which is your mind and senses. As the practice progresses you are less involved with your physical body; you may be aware of it, but it’s there sleeping. Then you get to your Amun aspect where you are not aware even of your mind and its gross thoughts anymore because you are now vibrating on a higher level, a subtler level. When you are aware of being separate from your physical and astral bodies that is your Amun aspect. This what makes a human being different from animals; animals don’t have this capacity to discover themselves as being different from their personalities, their bodies, senses and their instinctual desires, but human beings have that potential.

If you continue with this practice and you reach a very high level of the practice, now you start to realize that you exist, that you are beyond time and space; beyond the physical world; beyond your body, you exist outside of that: The I Am. If you continue beyond this practice, that I Am dissolves and you become one with the eternal ocean and that is called Neberdjer. There is no where else to go but that, beyond that you dissolve.

I should tell you that each succeeding level of this practice is very difficult, but if you have the will and you have the force, as you succeed it becomes easier but most lf all it becomes the most pleasurable and the most joyous practice, at each succeeding level that you discover. At each increasing level you expand in your consciousness, you are vibrating at higher levels and it is more bliss that you experience, more glory that you experience. At each succeeding level you realize that the lower level is just that a lower level of consciousness, a lower level of existence. When you come out of this practice you reflect back and discover more expansion or you feel transformed in stages each time. The more you practice the more transformed you are and the more of it stays with you when you come back into the physical plane. Eventually, if it stays with you in a perennial way then you are called an “Enlightened Being”. You are called Sage.

This practice is difficult in the beginning because of years and lifetimes of outward mental experience that all human beings engage in and that is what makes it difficult to keep the mind from fidgeting; For this purpose, the beginning stages of the practice make use of visualization and polarization and the words of power, using the energy, visualizing the energy etc. All that is none to tame the mind and restless personality to control it and cause the gross vibrations and polarities to become sharper and more subtle. Ii is all done to concentrate the mind. It is difficult to keep the body from fidgeting because you want to scratch or you feel some little insect crawling on you or it is too cold, it’s to hot; it’s too this it’s too that. But as you discover higher practice, you will become stronger and the small things will not bug you; you just say the heck with it, I don’t care if I’m a little cold or there is a little noise or something is crawling on you!. Your body has to obey, it has no choice but to stay quiet and motionless for the time that you have set. Just make sure that you are covered properly and that you have a proper surface that will not have lumps that will become uncomfortable over a 2-3 hour period. You may wear loose clothing. Also enjoined in this practice is you should have the room at a comfortable ambient temperature, not hot or cold and use loose clothing or go naked all together; just be sure that all body parts including hair are in alignment with the arrow positioning of the body that we discussed earlier. It depends on your environment that you have to work with. You try to avoid noises, street noises, of course the best you can do is the best to promote the practice but whether or not you are able to find a “perfect” environment or not you must forge ahead anyway.

Up to this point what has been described in this meditation practice leads up to the second hour of the meditation practice. If your body has fallen asleep and you have been abiding in your astral body, in the astral plane, you’ve lost track of time and space at this point. Then what you do is to have a clock set up so it will give a gentle alarm for whatever time you have set so that you will come out of the meditation at a prescribed time. This is a highly advanced practice I don’t recommend you enter into it until you’ve been practicing the teachings of Maat and studying the philosophy and have adopted a vegetarian diet for some time. You need to become virtuous of character because what happens is that the energy that you are going to release and develop, if you are not of virtuous character and you do not have purity in your conduits, will cause you physical and psychic problems. What is negative, within your personality, will be augmented, in your character and physical constitution. When that energy tries to flow through your energy centers and is blocked, by the impurities, it is going to produce a negative outcome;, the energy has to go somewhere, so it has to go to some other conduit that perhaps you might not want it to. It is going to cause you sensations that you should not have, that you do not want prematurely also, things that you are not ready for. Also, it’s going to lead to psychological problems, compulsive behaviors, uncontrolled desires, psychotic breaks and so on so forth. Therefore, your practice should be measured, progressive and directed by an experienced teacher. This is highest way of healthy polarization. This is the outline of the whole program. It is the earliest program that was enjoined in Kemet, the Arat Sekhem or Serpent Power teaching.

We will leave it there for today.

There are some questions about some things that we said about psychic powers so on so forth. During the practice some of you may discover psychic powers, you will become aware of them on the way to spiritual enlightenment. To keep on the successful road you should not engage them; But you are only to become aware of them, but don’t be trying to use them, don’t be trying to “enjoy” them, because if you get some psychic insight into something, it can be helpful but just as there is wisdom in the physical realm so too there is the possibility of going astray in the astral realm. If it’s a good message like don’t go out into the street at a particular time because an asteroid is going to fall on that street, don’t go on that street. In this practice also sometimes you will be met by higher beings. If you are strong of will, adept in philosophy, cleansed of body, you need not worry about inimical forces as they would be more scared of you. You might meet Anpu or Ptah or Aset or your Tutelary Divinity or a neteru (divinity) you have concentrated on. You may receive their teaching, you acknowledge them, you respect them, and you show your devotion to them, let them do their duty. If they come to do something to your body such as touching the energy centers to adjust them or clear them, etc., let them do their work and move on with your practice. You will know, you will be aware by the vibration level if they are righteous beings or if they are not. Automatically they will be repelled if they are not. If you are a person of un-virtuous character you will not be able to repel them and you will be sorry by your contact with them. This is why you should enjoin the practice as I’ve outlined it. If you are righteous, virtuous, pure of heart and pure in your mettus (clean arteries, lymphatic system, digestive system, nervous system, etc. you will attract all manner of virtuous and righteous energy and they will help you on your journey.

As far as the practice of vibrating at such a level, another Question was asked during the week, about if vibrating at such a higher level that you don’t need physical food and that kind of thing. Yes, your higher aspect of your personality should not be dependent upon those things. Your physical body will still need physical food but less and with less covetousness and greed as well. Your mind needs higher food and getting that through this higher practice will allow the cravings and desires for things of the body to abate. Your physical aspect of your personality does need that so let it continue but now that will be at a moderated rate. However the proper food for the body continues to be the subtler food which is vegetarian food, fruits and vegetables and not the grosser physical foods or meat of any kind. Just like your mental food should be the subtler mental food it should not be the grosser (ignorance, anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, sentimental relationships, etc.). So that means going to movies that are righteous if you want to go to a movie. Don’t go to movies that are base, that have gratuitous sex and violence and things like that, images and sounds with lower, grosser vibrations without higher meaning, that are presented simply to tantalize and excite the senses, the base emotions and lower aryu. This is how you should lead your life. Don’t go off half-cocked with this practice or don’t be going wild and reading all kinds of stuff about wild things that you are going to turn into or this or that. This is a natural practice for human beings to become God-like while they are still alive. You continue with your physical body and yet internally you have transcended. You don’t want to be like to those people also who go meditating for six or ten hours a day and then they don’t tell anybody, they don’t talk to anybody, they don’t help anybody, but also they do not reach the heights of the practice; that is not enjoined by this teaching. That is not going to help you or anybody in the world as it should. There have been some of the sages who were meditating constantly, so their students had to bathe them, feed them, etc.. Now I don’t think any one of you should be hanging around to be bathing me! I’ll take care of that myself. If I can’t take care of it, I’ll see you later! No reason to hang around at that point. You get my meaning, you get my drift? You are supposed to become an enlightened being and dynamic and powerful on the physical plane but also on the astral plane because the physical will come to an end one day but the astral continues; the question is when the physical body ends do you want your astral body to disintegrate and your soul to reincarnate or do you want it to remain integrated and to progress on to higher spiritual realizations if you have not reached them by that time. That is what this is all about. Hetep.

I’m reminded that there is a 2 tape Serpent Power series if you are interested in starting with this practice. The first tape is on cassette and CD it is enjoined for the practice of cleansing which is the first part of the discipline which as I said before may last for months before you get into the higher aspect of the practice. I’m not recommending, in fact I’m telling you not to enter the high form of practice until you go into the lower. Don’t be thinking that you’ve been doing this for awhile that you are on some certain level, all of this kind of thing. Follow the instructions that have been given and do not deviate from those. There is also an important breath and visualization component to this practice but that is held back for personal instruction as it can be easily misused. Another point that I’m being reminded about is that other practices that you do, do have an effect on the life force energy centers. Also recommend is that if you’re going to get into this particular practice that you should be doing one single practice as far as your meditation practice is concerned. Of course the teachings of the Maat philosophy, the virtuous teaching, cleanses you and makes you virtuous as I’ve described in the lecture. Talking about specific kinds of meditation practice, you should only be doing the one. Other practices for relaxation and concentration can continue but as far as this high level of practice, that I’ve described today, that should be your only practice if you want to enjoin that.


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