Update to the topic of the book Collapse of Civilization and World Economics

From Dr. Muata Ashby

This is a brief update to the topic first introduced by Sebai MAA in the book Collapse of Civilization 2006, and the book Dollar Crisis and the eBook entitled ” eBook MALFEASANCE & IMMORALITY: An Analysis of the World Economics…

The most recent major crash of the world economy that occurred beginning in late 2007 and which continues today even though things seemed to improve slightly in the United States while they deteriorated in Europe now seems to be showing signs in the US economy of renewed downside movement as was expected since the efforts to counteract the fundamental flaws in capitalism and the corruption of the political system with bailouts to wealthy corporations and banks and the reduction of taxes on the rich and the imposition of higher taxes (raising payroll tax) and low wages on the lower classes would eventually cause a greater collapse of the economy. Such can lead to far reaching economic disruption and distress as well as general social unrest and conflict. So, the recommendations set forth in the books above are still valid and you should independently research this issue to verify their findings for yourself and take appropriate action as deemed necessary and possible.

It is evident that, as was discussed in the books aforementioned, the “world power elite”, compounded by the infiltration into the halls of government and corporations by amoral, immoral and or psychotic, sociopathic individuals who willfully want to destroy society and or the environment for their own gain or do not care about ethics or protection of the environment and irrationally promote discredited ideologies such as low taxes for the rich creates wealth and jobs for all and no economic deficits or the ideology that pollution in service of profit is acceptable and does not harm the environment, etc., are, after successfully setting themselves up as oligarchies (supposedly democratic governments [including the government of the USA] are a facade), for now are succeeding in wrecking the world economies -through crony capitalism (bailouts for corporations and immunity for corporate lawbreaking and austerity and serious jail time for members of the lower socio-economic classes) and fascism (collusion between corporations and corrupt politicians in control of government). The corruption is for the benefit of those who are part of the “world power elite” socio-economic class and to institute a form of neo-feudalism in which the “world power elite” own and control all substantial wealth and power over the institutions of government and the economy, and those who are not part of the “world power elite” socio-economic class end up in perpetual generational debt and powerless to change or improve their condition. This they have been working towards all along since the inception of the country but now with total ownership and control of the world economies and resources and also now with full legal impunity.

Update on issues raised in the books and previous updates on the Collapse of Civilization series: The actions of President Bush (Bailout #1) and President Obama (Bailout #2) and subsequent actions by the USA Central bank (Federal Reserve) firstly of lowering interest rates [which was a giveaway to banks and the “world power elite” and stealing the wealth of people with bank accounts who get almost zero interest on savings accounts] and next the actions euphemistically called “QE” or “Quantitative Easing” (debt creation (indebting the general population and future generations) and money printing {creation of money out of thin air} and giveaway to the “world power elite” (through the banks and almost free of interest to them but not to the general population) has the effect of stealing wealth by debasing the currency so inflation rises and items at stores cost more while income is also reduced. These actions have inflated the real estate market, and stock market while jobs are increasingly reduced or of lower quality service types with which people cannot sustain ordinary expenses of life. So more people need food stamps and welfare and if they do not receive that it would lead to, and already would have led to major social disruptions. Additionally, the latest action by the Federal Reserve of “QE” to infinity” (begun in Fall 2012 and scheduled to run indefinitely) of buying mortgage backed securities and other securities such as US Bonds has inflated the real estate market and bonds for those who have funds to invest or speculate with, the wealthy and the speculators, and it is not a “real” real estate recovery and will thus produce another real estate downfall as well as a downfall in the Bonds which sustain the debt of the US government. “QE” and the buying of Treasury bonds by the US Central bank (Federal Reserve) is a slow and stealthy way of stealing money and depleting the value of money and transferring it to the banks and corporations that have speculated (gambled), taken their cut and left their businesses in an insolvent condition, for tax payers to save, through the bailouts and “QE”. This process is being imposed on the general public instead of confiscating the wealth of those who speculated and caused the financial crisis. Additionally this is a debasement of the currency that is robbing those, in the US and around the world, who have bought US Bonds or who are holding cash or assets denominated in US Dollars. All of this malfeasance is owed to the agreement that the US and world leaders setup after World War Two that allows the US Dollar to be the world reserve currency and has the effect of allowing the US government to print unlimited dollars and steal the wealth of anyone who uses US Dollars or assets denominated in US Dollars. As of the year 2012 almost 50% of the world transactions are now in currencies other than the US Dollar and the BRICK countries, as well as others, have succeeded in creating agreements and systems to use other currencies which will eventually lead to the cessation of the usage of the US Dollar as the reserve currency and decreasing the capacity to export the malfeasance but also increasing the incapacity to hide malfeasance domestically which will lead to the aforementioned socio-economic problems.

New Outright Criminality by government officials and the heads of corporations and world banks: Several recent instances have proven that the malfeasance and blatant corruption has developed to outright and open violations of law in which a two tiered system of justice exists, one for the “world power elite” and the other for those who are not part of the “world power elite” socio-economic class. This condition will inevitably lead to further corruption and eventual major damage to the world economy, the environment and the social order. First, bankers willfully and illegally engaged in economic malfeasance that was aimed at selling corrupt financial derivatives to world investors based on loans that were fraudulent granted to borrowers that they knew were not qualified and yet the banks forged documents to get them approved. Next: the major “too big to fail banks” committed outright and admitted drug money laundering and the justice department attorney general said they were afraid to prosecute them for fearing damage to the world economy, essentially the same as the reason for not prosecuting the mortgage/derivative and the worldwide Libor interest rate fixing bank criminals.

The second update – is related to the new development of confiscation of private funds by world governments: The “world power elite” has also proven they will steal funds from private bank accounts because they have done so in two major instances, the heads of the company MF Global and Chase Bank stole over $1 billion of customer funds and with impunity; now the private accounts of the banks of Cyprus have also been raided and the US and European banks and governments have instituted laws that give them the right to take those funds for whatever reason. Since these precedents have not caused outrage in the public and direct action by the public to reverse those actions and remove the corrupt politicians and “world power elite” heads of banks and corporations, the slow confiscation of funds from the lower socio-economic classes through bailouts of the rich and through inflation and money printing for the benefit of banks and the “world power elite” (wealthy 10% of the population) will continue unabated and encouraged. Those who have not taken action to reverse the corruption who are not part of the “world power elite” will suffer increasingly worst consequences as time goes on, as a result of the inaction.

Those who became part of the protest movement “Occupy Wall Street” were misguided in thinking that a amorphous discontented apolitical movement could change the course of the country were mistaken and misguided in that while their sincerity in seeking solutions was commendable their tactic of physically occupying wall street was flawed. While it had the capacity to become a strong social movement it failed to see the need to adopt specific reform or revolution principles to rally around and push forward so that the point of view could become an effective political ideology that could be understood and followed in the form of specific local and national candidates who would advocate those ideals. The source of the problem is the Government, Washington and the corruption of the capitalist system itself and the control of government by the “world power elite”. Wall Street is a symptom of the problem, corrupt bankers who have been allowed to practice criminality; but who opened up the possibility for malfeasance and corruption by them? It was the presidents and the congress in Washington at the behest of the “world power elite” and they were and continue to be supported by a corrupted legal system they also control. “Occupy Wall Street” presented a physical though disorganized target for government thugs to disperse when the objective should have been to occupy the government and get themselves elected to positions in Washington and locally in states to coordinate their efforts and reverse the corrupt present government leaders, following the lead of the “Tea Party” in getting themselves elected in government but unlike the Tea Party, ultimately getting elected in sufficient numbers and advocating their ethical ideals sufficiently, preventing the corruption by amending or better yet rewriting the constitution in such a way that would not only outlaw the well documented malfeasance but would impose mandatory harsh consequences for anyone who violates them; and additionally, as was done in the years before Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, impose but now also enshrine in the constitution, the provisions of the

1-Fairness Doctrine so that all points of view are presented in the media and media companies cannot spew constant lies and deceptions, unchallenged, to whip up base emotions in an ignorant population for their own personal and corporate gains and
2- properly taxing the wealthy and their corporations to ensure that never more should there be a wide income disparity between all members of the society and there should not be allowed the emergence of a “world power elite” [the 1%] that can corrupt and control government due to possessing vast wealth affording the capacity to apply disproportionate and overwhelming and corrupting influence in society.
3-Never more should a private banking cartel be given the control of the national currency to debase or give to the “world power elite” at will.
4-Also, proper regulations protecting the local economy including import tariffs to protect domestic manufacturing and maintain high wages (not allowing domestic labor to compete with foreign labor costs [as was done previously–before Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton and the corrupt politicians in congress that came into office during their tenure] and requiring unions (including promoting Democracy In The Workplace [abolishing minority rule in corporate boardrooms]) should be also enshrined in the constitution.

In the absence of such actions the aforementioned dire results are eventually inevitable in the current or any future system of government that is devoid of them. See the links below for more details.

Update to previous Recommendations: follow the instructions given in the books and now additionally, it is not safe to keep funds in banks in countries which have created a precedent for stealing those funds at will or which have practiced corrupt politics and economics. Alternatives are to invest in real estate, stock ETF funds, precious metals or other tangible assets or keeping funds in countries that have demonstrated a history of following the rule of law and have precedents (proven history) of politics and economics that are righteous. Generally, a mix of all the options should be considered as a best plan of action.

TIMING: How and when the possible issues discussed above will occur is inexact but the prudent course is to prepare for such eventualities as soon as possible.


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