Myths of Shetaut Neter by Sebai Maa

This article will focus on the mystical teachings presented in a selected myth of Shetaut Neter. This is a a commentary that is being given to provide insight into the mythic teaching. First, before we begin with the first myth, it is necessary to understand what a myth is and how it relates to the religious and mystical process. Firstly, what is religion? Religion is an instrument, a program created by higher evolved personalities by which ordinary people may elevate themselves to understand their very divine nature. As you know, throughout history this process has been corrupted or co-opted by unrighteous people for their own ends. This is a human problem and not the problem of religion as it was originally intended.

If religion is understood and practiced properly it will lead to peace and harmony and also spiritual enlightenment for its practitioners. Religion has 3 steps, Myth, Ritual and Mystical. Myth conveys the story of a religion and it relates the religion to the people who follow it. Ritual allows the practitioner to affirm and identify with the religious movement. This process leads to a mystical awakening in which the practitioner becomes the fulfillment of the mythic ideal. So you see, many people want to throw out religion because they feel it degrades people and leads to conflict. That occurs due to the ignorant practice of religion. Myth has a special language; it is not meant to be literal even though it may contain elements of historical character. It is meant to convey a higher truth beyond the mundane, worldly and temporal reality of life. In order to understand myth it is necessary to keep in mind the keys for “reading” a myth. These will be explained in the next issue.

Key #1: Myths (Religious/Mystical) are relevant to
our lives in the present.
Key #2: Myth is a journey of spiritual
Key #3: Myths are to be lived in order to understand
their true meaning.
Key #4: Myth points the way to victory in life.

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