The Book Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment

A Book Review of Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment

What is Egyptian Yoga? This is the title of the book which soon after its release in May of 1995 became one of the most talked about books on the subject of Ancient Egypt. Now going into its second printing, Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment is unlike any other book on ancient Egyptian mythology because it opens the ancient teachings and explains them in a way which is very easy to understand and to practice them in daily life.
Most of us have asked important questions like what is the source of pain and suffering in the world and is there a solution? What are the meanings of the words Enlightenment, Salvation and Karma? Who can be saved? What is the process of Salvation?
Traditional Egyptology has written about ancient Egypt and translated the ancient texts in an intellectual and dry way, but many who have read the traditional books and then read Egyptian Yoga comment on how easily readable it is and how it makes the ancient teachings understandable in a completely new way. No longer are the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead or other papyruses for the intellectuals.
It is well known by certain scholars that Egyptian philosophy is the basis of western and middle eastern religious philosophies such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, the Kabbalah, and Greek philosophy but what about eastern philosophy and yoga? What were the original teachings? How can they be applied in the present to help us reach our highest potential?
Egyptian Yoga explains the origins of Ancient Egypt and India, it also a fully illustrated work, including hieroglyphs, detailing the meaning of the Egyptian mysteries of the temple, tantric yoga, yoga philosophy and psycho-spiritual and physical exercises.
Many readers of philosophy and ancient African religion have studied the translations of western Egyptologists and have not been able to go beyond the outer meaning of the words being deciphered. The intellectual description of symbols and myths have left them wanting for more but unable to progress. Many study groups who would like to progress in their studied of the ancient Egyptian wisdom and spiritual philosophy have stalled in their studies because they needed to move beyond beyond the traditional study group book reports and discussions. One reader of Egyptian Yoga recently commented:

“I have been reading about the ancient Egyptians for over twenty five years beginning in the sixties and I have never found a book which puts the philosophy together and also explains how to practice the teachings in every day life like Egyptian Yoga. There is much talk about the philosophy of Maat and the need to practice righteousness but I did not know that there is a profound science behind the concept of Maat which when properly understood and practiced in every day life transforms the human mind and produces mental peace. I thought the Ancient Egyptian Book of Coming forth By Day was about things that happen after death but after reading Egyptian Yoga I understand that the teachings of wisdom and Maat are to be accomplished right now.
I did not realize that I could be a student of the mystery teachings and practice them without being in a Temple or going to Egypt or India. Also it is so wonderful that learning Egyptian Yoga has enlightened me about the origins, history and deeper meanings of the religion I grew up with. I had lost faith in religion but now I understand the true purpose of religion and mythology. This has given me true purpose in life and the understanding that the highest goals of personal and spiritual freedom are truly attainable by anyone who understands and practices the teachings of Yoga. I have developed a peace which I was never able to find in my job, relationships of or possessions. Up until now I was not able to understand the workings of the mind-body-spirit connection and how to control my urges and negative thoughts and feelings. Egyptian Yoga has allowed me to unfold the deeper essence of my being and I enjoy my life to the fullest.
I am so blessed to have come into contact with the teaching of the Egyptian Yoga. Every time I pick up Egyptian Yoga I gain an even deeper level of understanding than before. Also, after attending the lectures of Dr. Muata Ashby, (author of Egyptian Yoga) I was thrilled at the new understanding of Egyptian Myths. Egyptian Yoga has allowed our study group to take our studies to a new level. Now we are working on applying the wisdom we have gained through our past studies through our exercises in higher spiritual development…”

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